You feel like you have it all together “on paper”-the job, the apartment, the friends, you have fun and you take pretty great care of yourself.  Something big still feels like it’s missing.  You think it must be possible to feel better than this-more joyful and purposeful, less anxiety, more energized and alive-but you don’t know how. 

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Often we have incorporated our pain points into our identity-“I’m always tired.  I’m not a good sleeper.  I’m always crazy in relationships.  No one really sees me.  I just have bad digestion.  I’m a lost cause.”  The list goes on and none of this needs to be true about you.  No matter what type of condition you are working with, healing is always available.

My goal is to help you heal your relationship with yourself.  When we dedicate focused time to ourselves and looking within, we can shine a light on what isn’t working for us anymore.  We can’t change other people but when we heal ourselves, the world around us begins to change. 

I truly want everyone to feel good.  I want everyone I work with to feel like the most stunning, shiny, vibrant, confident, loved up, purposeful being that radiates health on every level.  Who also knows that it’s totally okay to binge watch Netflix and drink too much wine sometimes.  Because we are all humans and the struggle is not for perfection but for freedom, joy and love.

I am an alchemist, catalyst, facilitator, witness, healer, secret keeper and your personal cheer squad.  My more formal titles include acupuncturist, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, Breathworker, coach, teacher, and writer.

I help you to find the you that has been missing, that has been buried under anxiety, fear, shame, old patterns, limiting beliefs, and the exhaustion of the daily grind.  With focused attention, compassion, and healing, you can return to yourself.  The brighter, shinier, glittery version. 

Healing for me has been like peeling an onion.  There are many layers and each one that is shed leaves you feeling a little lighter.  I have been working on healing myself my entire life.  I know that I can only take you as far as I can go so I am constantly seeking, learning and experiencing more. 

I believe in you and know that anything is possible for you in this lifetime.

Let's get started!  


Professional Bio:  

Erin Telford is a certified Breathwork teacher and healer, acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and herbalist.  Her mission is to guide people to look within, open their hearts and heal their relationship with themselves.  She holds safe, sacred space for change through energy work, therapeutic conversation and lifestyle counseling.  She is fiercely committed to doing her own personal work because she knows that she can only take her clients as deep and as far as she is willing to go.  Her one on one sessions and workshops empower her clients to connect to their innate wisdom so that they can find the answers they are looking for.  She is currently on an intuitive, nomadic journey to connect with the Earth and write her first book.  She has been featured in Shape Magazine, Nylon, NY Magazine, Well + Good, The Numinous and in Refinery 29 as one of “6 Women Who Are Redefining Wellness in New York City."