You Are Already Living Your Purpose

You Are Already Living Your Purpose

You are already living your purpose.


Experts and talk shows and blog posts and courses and books will have you believe it is something extra, unknown, and just out of your grasp.  The golden ticket that will bring everything into alignment.


We are here to:



& Grow.


We all have a unique curriculum, designed just for us.


You are already being delivered the exact experiences, relationships, and synchronicities to help you learn all that you need to learn.


There will be loss and pain.  Getting banged up is part of the deal. 


It is on the syllabus. 


You will also experience profound joy and moments of ecstasy. 

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I Didn't Want Self Love to Be "My Thing"

I Didn't Want Self Love to Be "My Thing"

I didn’t want Self Love to be “my thing”.


I wanted it to be depression or rage or something much more high drama.  Bloodier.  Something you could sink your teeth into.  Self-love felt more like a fluffy glitter cloud than a juicy steak. 


I had this irritating relationship with self-love where it brought to mind pensive women drinking tea in soft focus, slow motion journaling montages, and floral scarves.  It seemed corny, pedestrian, “basic.” 


Even as I’m typing this, it seems hilarious that I had this teenage girl level rebellion to the very thing that I regularly shout from the rooftops in everything that I do.  I mean, I named my practice Radiant Heart right?!  C’mon Erin.


As they say, “what you resist, persists” and life brought me the perfect situation to push me past my resistance and into reckoning.  I found myself face to face with a deeply karmic, multiple lifetimes, soul mate situation.


Before you get excited, soul mates are not always the dreamy people you are looking for.  Soul mates come in to shake your life up, turn it upside down, break your heart open, mirror you back to yourself, teach you some lessons, and reveal to you the areas within that still need to be healed.  This relationship came in exactly when I needed it, to show me a final piece in my growth that I hadn’t been able to get to on my own. 

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Open Even More

Open Even More

We fall down.  We stand up.  We fall down again.  We stand up again. 


We emerge.  Battle weary.  Skinned knees.  Fresh scars.  Bruised and tender.  Fist raised in triumph.  Glitter in our eyes. 


This rapid evolutionary pace is ours now.  There is no slowing down or jumping off the train.  If you signed up for this, it’s ON.  The opportunities to really look at your life are coming all the time. 


It can feel totally overwhelming to look at the truth of what you have created.  The truth of your relationships.  The truth of your happiness.  The truth of your finances.  The truth of your spirit.  The truth of your body.  The truth of what you actually want to be doing with your limited time on Earth. 


The first day of Summer arrived with a giant Full Moon on June 20th.  I was in the desert in Joshua Tree amidst the rocks that feel like ancient trolls, watching beautiful souls breathe deeply into their lives while the moon rose to shine on them.  The moon and the sun at the peak of their energy was like a huge spotlight, shining on the illusions, delusions, and fantasy that make our foundations shaky when we are blind to them. 

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