A Complicated Relationship with Grounding

A Complicated Relationship with Grounding

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with grounding.  I wasn’t really into it.  I liked the feeling of running on excitement and high charge. 


When I was little and there was a big event-my birthday or a holiday-I would work myself into such a frenzy that I would vomit or get sick.  My mom reminded me recently that I was diagnosed as “failure to thrive” when I was a little girl because all I would eat was apple juice and cucumbers.  She said I always kind of seemed half in/half out, like I hadn’t really committed to being on Earth. 


I was a little skinny bookworm that spent most of her time in a fantasy world.  My need for escape started early with books and then progressed to drugs and alcohol as soon as I discovered how they could buffer my sensitivity to the world around me.  I craved ecstatic experiences that helped me feel outside of myself and outside of my mind because it was such an uncomfortable place to be.  I had constant anxiety, insecurity and a very overactive brain that kept all of my energy up in my mind for a big part of my life. 


And yet, I didn’t really get what was supposed to be so great about being grounded.  It felt overrated and kind of boring.  As part of my Breathwork teacher training, I was given a word to focus on, write about and integrate.  My word (of course!) was Grounding.


As I started feeling into my relationship with grounding, I began noticing how little my feet were actually on the ground as I moved through my day.  I walk on the outsides of my feet and even when I’m sitting, I usually have my feet on the rung of a stool or up on a coffee table or tucked under me on the couch. 


As I dug in more, I realized that one of the reasons that I didn’t like being all the way in my body is that I already feel things so intensely, that it felt like it would be completely overwhelming if I were to feel anything more.  

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FERAL INTERCOURSE: Conversations with Wild Women #18 Erin Telford

The more people that tell the truth, the more loneliness and emotional isolation is dispelled.  There is a lot of truth to tell in this life and many layers.  I am committed to continue to share as much of my story as possible so that less people feel alone and more believe They Can Do It-whatever their "it" happens to be!

"In this not-to-miss episode, Erin and I exchange on the reclamation and redefinition of the healer, examining what’s in our Pandora’s box, the role of shadow work as self love and as a personal responsibility, using our emotions as a kind of guidance system, seeing everyone (including ourselves) as teachers, intentionality and becoming conscious of the light and dark of everything in life, and learning to consciously curate our environments."

~ Rachael Alaia


UNTANGLED podcast with Alana Helbig

Melodee Solomon Photography

Melodee Solomon Photography

I had the deep pleasure of being interviewed by the warm and wise Alana Helbig for her podcast Untangled this week.  I talk about my transition from the fashion world to healing work, how I got in and OUT of a pile of debt, how I found faith, and how to have a soft yet discerning heart among other things.  Enjoy!

"Ten years ago Erin Telford was working in the glamourous world of fashion. She should have been happy. Fashion had been her life-long dream. Instead she was burnt out and stressed out.

Knowing it was time to make a change – but having no idea what to change to – Erin began to pray. Every day, for six months, she prayed to the skies “What am I supposed to do? Please show me my next step. Please show me a sign. Please help me.”

Then, one unexpected day, wrapped in Jessica Simpson’s face on the cover of Elle Magazine, her answer was delivered…

Listen in as Erin shares:

+ Her story from strung-out fashionista to blissed-out healer.

+ The huge amount of debt she incurred to chase her dreams but why she believes this was a necessary part of her growth and transformation.

+ How she discovered her soul service offering of ‘self-love’ and why, initially, she thought the whole idea was “gross”.

+ How she finds the faith to continually listen to and follow the guidance of her soul.

+ Why your “purpose” may not necessarily be super obvious.

+ How you can move with the divine flow of the Universe while also co-creating all that you desire.

Plus loads and loads more."