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Virtual New Moon Solar Eclipse Breathwork

photo by Erin Telford

photo by Erin Telford

*The guided Breathwork healing video, Cosmic Insight video, curated playlist and star sign worksheet will be emailed to you on 8/21-the day of the eclipse!

*You will need both Spotify Premium (to avoid ads/shuffle only-there is a 30 day free trial) and Zoom (free download) to access this meditation. Can't wait to breathe with you!

This will be a full 45 minute guided Breathwork video recording that you can use as many times as you like.  Doing Breathwork in the safety and comfort of your own home can be a beautiful way to let go in your own sacred space-allowing yourself to release as much as you need without limit.  

Eclipses are evolutionary gateways that enable us to complete a lot of growth in a short amount of time.  It is just the right time to clear and cleanse areas of stagnation in your life.  Coupled with a New Moon, this eclipse can make sweet contact with your heart of hearts, letting you see, hear and feel your deepest yearnings and give them some fire power to really take flight. 

This can be a customized cosmic reset button for YOU.  It delivers the support of passion and fire to be able to redirect your hearts precious light out into the world.  You are extremely important.  What you have to offer, teach, and share is necessary for your growth and for the world. 

 I am partnering with my dear friend and favorite astrologer Sandy Sitron to bring you a virtual New Moon Solar Eclipse Cosmic Breathwork collaboration!   When you bring intention, and focus to this kind of powerful astro event, you allow a portal to open up to this brand new energetic phase in your life!  I will be recording a guided Breathwork Healing video session on the day of the eclipse so that you can call this catalytic energy into your body and let it heal and move anything out that you no longer need!  Sandy will share her channeled insights into how to best use this eclipse energy to bring change and new life into your life.  You’ll receive clear guidance for your sun and rising sign so you know what areas of your life will be the focus of this eclipse. 

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that cleanses and clears stuck energy, trauma, emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, connects you to your intuition, helps you access your creativity and opens your heart to increased gratitude and self-love.  It is a self-healing practice that has changed my life and is an efficient and effective way to emotionally detox. 

Using the simplicity of your body, your breath and the stars, you will open with faith and trust to this new phase of your evolution. 

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