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*SOLD OUT* Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Breathwork - NYC

photo by Mikaela Gauer

photo by Mikaela Gauer

Radiant Heart Breathwork

WHEN:  Wednesday, January 31st from 7:15-9:15pm

WHERE:  Taryn Toomey Studio Tribeca

22 Park Place, 3rd Floor

COST:  $50

*this event is now sold out. There may be some spaces on the wait list. You can sign up online for those at by clicking the 'sign up here' link above.  

"Not to be outdone by any other cosmic signature, the grand finale of January is a total lunar eclipse in Leo. Occurring on January 31st at 5:37 AM at 11° of Leo, a total lunar eclipse will turn the full moon red and our egos on full blast. This eclipse is a show stopper that picks up on the themes of 2017’s eclipses. This is the third eclipse we’ve experienced in Leo over the course of a year. There are still two more to go over the course of the next. 

That puts us in the center of our Leo eclipse lessons. 
The part of your chart that contains Leo has already been privy to the dramatic tales these eclipses are telling. Now it’s time for the next chapter. Get your crowns on, Kitty Cats. This eclipse wants to take you deeper into the lessons of living out your glory. 
Each one of us must be the ruler of our own lives. The Leo eclipse hands you the keys to your castle, but only you can walk in and claim your throne."

~ Chani Nicholas

The breath is a high form of technology for self-healing. The breath can help you to stay grounded, stay in your heart and stay present. Breathwork is part catharsis, part socially sanctioned adult temper tantrum, part community building and part psychedelic experience.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to purge the body of emotional gunk. The experience moves stuck emotional energy and facilitates release of strong emotions like anger and grief.  It leaves you feeling softer, open and less burdened.                     

Breathwork can change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, connect you to your intuition, help you access your creativity and open your heart to increased gratitude and self-love.  It is a self-healing practice that has changed my life and is an efficient and effective way to emotionally detox.  

We’ll start with a sacred circle and then move to the breathing! I will apply essential oils to get your energy centers spinning, burn holy wood and sage to transform your emotional release, coach you through the experience with love…all set to a cosmic soundtrack.

You will leave lighter and brighter and it just might change your life.  Please bring an eye cover if you like.