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Fall Equinox Breathwork to Receive & Let Go with Erin Telford & Brandi Ryans

  • Fall Equinox Breathwork to Receive & Let Go 242 W. 27th St. #4A New York (map)

Fall Equinox Breathwork to Receive & Let Go with Erin Telford & Brandi Ryans

WHEN:  Sunday, September 21st from 3-5pm

WHERE:  Kids At Work 242 W. 27th St. #4A New York

COST:  $40 (cash only) 

* Space is limited; email to reserve your spot

* Please bring a yoga mat.  Blankets will be provided.  

Fall is the time of year where we prepare for turning inward, breathing and taking in what is of value and eliminating that which no longer serves us. 

The Fall Equinox is a day of equal light and dark.  When we are in a rhythm with nature, we are at our most healthy.  Balance the exchange of inspiration and expiration with a two part active Prana Yama breath meditation.  The Lungs are the organ of Fall and help us receive (inspiration) and let go (expiration) from moment to moment.  This Breathwork allows you to let go of what you don’t need to create space for renewal and fresh insight.  

"The Equinox is always a great time to RESET and to honor endings so that you can make room for new beginnings. The endings or completions are especially important during this season and especially in light of changes that may be occurring in your life. Acknowledge the changes and honor the endings that are coming about because of them."

~ Lena Stevens of the Power Path

We will start out with a check in on where you are at with the balance of receiving and letting go. Sharing in a circle of support and like-minded people is a beautiful way to connect, download, and realize that we are all in this together! Then you will lie down, get comfy and begin the breath!

Brandi and I will be guiding you through this work and holding space for your experience.  We’ll be applying essential oils and playing a soundtrack to allow you to shake off what you don’t need.  Get ready for your best Fall ever!