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Breathwork with Erin Telford & Luke Simon

  • Breathwork with Erin Telford & Luke Simon The Tipi Project at 329 Kent Ave. Williamsburg (map)

Breathwork with Erin Telford & Luke Simon 

WHEN:  Friday, September 12th from 8-10pm

WHERE:  The Tipi Project at 329 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg

COST:  $40, Space is limited, prepay to reserve your space in the circle here:

The theme for this breathwork session is receiving. For many of us giving love is easier then receiving it. Receptivity requires trust, listening and vulnerability. If we don’t feel worthy of Love, the exchange between ourselves and others, ourselves and the world, will feel un-equal, un-requited, incomplete. Prepare to receive, and fully participate in this big wheel called Love.

Your breath and intention are all you need to tap into the healing energies all around and within us. The world is made of energy, and energy is carried on the breath. When we increase the flow of life force through our body, it washes out old energy and gradually expands our capacity to flow energy through us.

We will start with a short check in and then lay down to breath. The breath meditation is a steady, rhythmic process which takes you from the thinking mind into the belly and the heart, to the deeper wisdom of the body.

When we tune out the mind and turn on the energy body through oxygenation, stale emotional energy gets released, and the physical and subtle body gets cleared, rejuvenated and balanced. This not only leads to increased health but also opens the doorway to spiritual insights. Come ready to breath until you're surprised.

Luke and Erin will hold space for you to go deep inside in this active meditation. They will also use essential oils, reiki and intuitive body work to help shift your energy. A cosmic & evocative soundtrack will guide your inner journey. *Give yourself at least an hour to digest food before the session. Don't combine this session with other substances before/after the breathing.