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Breathwork for Self Healing

Breathwork for Self Healing

WHEN:  Friday, November 14th from 7:30-9:30pm

WHERE:  Maha Rose 97 Green St. Brooklyn, NY 

COST:  $30 pre-register/$35 day of


Our bodies are magical vessels that house our spirit.  They are capable of healing us on every level when we are in a restorative state that is peaceful and connected to our higher self.  We often spend our lives in the opposite of a healing state-rushing, worrying, fatigued and in a place of not enough.  

Breathwork bypasses the mind to allow deep opening and release.  We store so much in our bodies!  All of our unprocessed experience hides out in our bellies, hearts, joints, jaws, and tight shoulders and achey backs.  This active meditation creates space for us to connect to Spirit and to trust in love for self and others.  

In this Breathwork, I invite you to bring intention for what you’d like to heal, change or shift from dark to light in your life.  We will be linking our wishes with the energy of total self acceptance and compassion.  

We’ll start with a sacred circle, sharing with our community about what is coming up for us, and then move to the breathing! I will apply essential oils to get your energy centers spinning, burn holy wood and sage to transform your emotional release, coach you through the experience with love…all set to a cosmic soundtrack.

Can’t wait to BREATHE with you!

Please email me at with any questions

$30 pre-register/ $35 day of