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Breathwork-Jump Through the 12/12 Portal

12/12 is the continuation of the cosmic portal that opened up for us on 11/11.  It is a day that forms a gateway that you can step through between dimensions of consciousness-between this life and the future that is waiting.  It is a passageway for higher vibrational frequencies. This day is a potent time of transformation to set you up for 2015 and help you manifest your dreams 

If you allow yourself to be unencumbered by baggage from the past, lightning quick manifestation can occur.  Our past creates our present and our present creates our future.  If you want to change your future, release the emotional charge of the past.  

We will work with the energy of the 12/12 vibration to help us release anxiety about stepping out beyond our comfort zone.  The world is ready and needs what you have to offer!   

In this Breathwork, I invite you to bring intention for your most outlandish wish for 2015!  We will be linking our manifestation energy with the power of speaking it out loud to the group. 

We’ll start with a sacred circle, sharing with our community about what is coming up for us, and then move to the breathing! I will apply essential oils to get your energy centers spinning, burn holy wood and sage to transform your emotional release, coach you through the experience with love…all set to a cosmic soundtrack.

Can’t wait to BREATHE with you!


Breathwork-Jump Through the 12/12 Portal

WHEN:  Friday, December 12th from 7:30-9:30pm

WHERE:  Maha Rose 97 Green St. Brooklyn, NY 

COST:  $30 pre-register/$35 day of

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