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Moon Cycle Workshop with Erin Telford & Brandi Ryans

  • Moon Cycle Workshop 242 W. 27th St. #4A New York (map)

Moon Cycle Workshop with Erin Telford & Brandi Ryans

WHEN:  Sunday, October 12th from 3-5:30pm

WHERE:  ABC Sanctuary  638 E. 6th St. New York, NY (upstairs)

COST:  $40 (cash only) 

* Space is limited; email to reserve your spot



We are very excited to offer this special workshop for the ladies!


“A woman’s Shakti-her power, fertility, and nurturing spirit-is linked to the lunar cycle and the sacred substance of Mother Moon.”

~ Bri. Maya Tiwari


Our periods can often feel like one gigantic and often painful inconvenience. Our culture floods us with a lot of bummer ideas about what our moon cycle is about. We want to turn this around and dig into how we can tap into the waxing and waning nature of our cycle. There is so much personal knowing and information that is given to us during our cycle and we will teach you how to access it!


We will be exploring creative rituals to enhance our natural feminine rhythms. Our modern lifestyle can lead to disruption in our natural synchronicity with the moon. Our moon cycle is one of our strongest internal guides and we will teach you how to draw on this power and get aligned!


Every phase of your cycle and the Moon tell a story and invite us to bring in different weekly practices. When we harmonize with the Moon, we know just when we need to rest, to initiate, to be in gratitude or to celebrate!


- Get ready for some powerful journaling exercises that will set us up to experience what we want and need.

- Learn how the cycle of the moon can be a tool we use to release and receive our desires.

- Experience pranayama and essential oils that can support these intentions.

- Finish off with a relaxing restorative yoga practice to open your hips and low back. These are postures you will be able to do at home to ease menstrual cramps and bring emotional balance.