The Heart Trinity - a digital self support & healing foundation for 2019

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The Heart Trinity - a digital self support & healing foundation for 2019


The Heart Trinity

A self-support foundation for 2019

*available for purchase until 1/31/19. 

2018 was a Year of Mastery. A year of confrontation and needing to Deal With Your Sh*t.  It pushed us before we may have been ready to face some of the things that were holding us back from greater engagement and participation in our relationships, our joy, our creativity, and what we wanted to offer in the world.   


2019 is a Year of Completion and letting go of outdated limitations, roles you play, and structures in your life.  Basically, anything that has expired will need to be composted in order to welcome the full bounty on offer in the new year.  2019 holds the numerological vibration of magic, expression, heart connection, and massive creativity.  This does not mean that you will be skipping through a meadow all of next year but that these energies will be more available and are on offer for you to work with!  


I want to offer you The Heart Trinity to give you pillars of support to begin 2019 with a solid foundation to move from.  Self-Love, Self-Trust, and Self Power are essential to be able to make aligned choices, to know who and what are for you and not for you, to take bigger leaps, and to feel confident and aligned and solid in how you move about the world. These tools will exist as a touchstone that you can return to again and again throughout the year to bolster you when you need them.  


When we are going through it, we might picture Self Love/Trust/Power as this luxury oasis that we drag our weary bodies to with dusty feet and sweet relief, where we can check the box and begin loving ourselves fully and be happily ever after.  Just as there is not one single event that cracks the foundation of our ability to love who we are, there is no single event that can take away all our pain and right all the wrongs.


Learning to deeply accept ourselves and greet our entire being with compassion and tenderness is a process of somatically releasing the accumulated unmet needs, disappointment, neglect, betrayal, resentment, heartache, anger, self-criticism/judgement, abuse, trauma (etc.!) from our emotional bodies and nervous systems and connect to the truest truth within that There Is Nothing Wrong With Us.  


We can find that through using Breathwork to fly beyond our intellect and into the divine intelligence and wisdom of the body.  The body knows.  The spirit knows.  The heart knows.  


The collective agreement that a new year equals a new beginning is a powerful energetic wave to ride. Eclipse season begins in January so we have additional, powerful support from the heavens to facilitate our preparation of this clean canvas of a year!


Here is your program:


Self-Love (released 1/1/19, available for immediate access)

-      how we receive information about what is “good” or “bad” about who we are

-      how to deprogram and integrate our shadow side

-      a recorded Self Love Breathwork healing session


Self-Trust (released 1/8/19, available for immediate access)

-      what prevents us from actually listening to and taking action on our inner knowing

-      how to hear ourselves and create connection with our intuition and Spirit

-      a recorded Self Trust Breathwork healing session


Self-Power (released 1/15/19)

-      self-power as a result of self-love and deep inner knowing creating highly aligned, integrity full words and actions

-      the reason why we crave but avoid “stepping into our power” 

-      a recorded Self Power Breathwork healing session


+ a Welcome video to introduce you to the Breathwork practice and show you how to set up your space for your healing sessions.  


Each section will have a self-study worksheet with writing prompts & practical exercises that you can use  to deepen your practice and experience.

*The Heart Trinity will be available for purchase until 1/31/19.

*Please make sure to open and download the file within 24 hours.

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