SuperPowered Empath Class - how to thrive with your gift

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SuperPowered Empath Class - how to thrive with your gift


*this is a recording of a live class*

When I was growing up, I was the designated feeler and emotional release valve for my family. Whatever they were feeling was filtered through my high sensitivity. I often felt “crazy” and overwhelmed as emotions would course through me that weren’t my own and I was unable to distinguish which were mine and which belonged to my family and friends. 

Feeling other people’s feelings for them was just something that I did automatically without realizing it. I thought that was what everybody did and it felt like one of the most intimate ways to connect with someone. Even though I loved that I had this ability to connect deeply with people; it still took a toll on me because I couldn’t regulate it or turn it off. 

Much later in life, I discovered that I was a highly sensitive empath. I had so much shame around being sensitive because it always seemed like my big feelings were a burden for other people. I kept hearing that it was a “super power” but it never felt like one until I learned tools to clear and manage my energy when I was holding space. Those tools have helped me feel strong, capable, and grounded in my work and I actually get very high on group energy now. It makes healing work really fun!

This class is primarily geared toward healers of any kind that work one on one with clients or with groups but would benefit anyone who is looking for ways to keep their energy clear and boundaried around other humans. You could just easily substitute the word clients for family, friends or partners.


Highlights of the class include:

- How being on empath auto-pilot originated as a protective intuitive tool but can become a liability in your adult life

- My favorite tool for being able to distinguish your energy from other people’s energy

- How to create a strong container for your work so you are able to see multiple clients and work with big groups without getting sick or depleted

- Being energetically offensive and building your energetic immune system vs. being energetically defensive & protecting yourself

- Using your personal energy vs. calling in divine assistance

- How learning to receive and exchange with clients is part of the process of filling back up after giving

- Energetic tools you can use to prepare yourself before a day of clients or a healing group (these same tools can be used before any event where there is concern about meshing with other’s energies, ex. visiting family)

- A short Breathwork healing session which will allow you to deeply integrate all of the information in the class + give you an opportunity to physically experience what your unique energetic imprint feels like

This class is for you if:

You feel restricted in growing your practice or expanding because you get really tired or sick after working with a lot of clients or a group.

You get very affected by other people’s energy and want tools to be able to keep your energy clear. 


*no refunds/credit available for this class

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