Spring Equinox + Full Moon Breathwork recording

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Spring Equinox + Full Moon Breathwork recording


*This is a recording of a live group

"Enter the fiery time of action, movement, and fruition. Use fire in a ceremony or ritual to surrender something that still needs to be unloaded. It can be symbolic as in burning a written narrative about what you are surrendering. Spring is renewal, taking the nourishment from the winter cycle and the freedom from surrender and weaving it into a new picture, a new expression and a new signature. Celebrate this newness, this rebirth in some way by doing something that represents an expansion and an upgrade."

~ Lena Stevens

The Spring Equinox is a powerful day of equal light and dark/night and day.  It is the first day of Spring AND the first day of the astrological new year.  It is a perfect day to begin again, to invite in the energy of growth and alchemy into your intentions.  As we continue to let what is holding us back die with the winter season, we clear the path for the New and get ready to Bloom!

The breath can assist you in magnetizing what you desire and exhaling to release what you no longer need to hold in your cells or your mental patterning. 

The breath is a high form of technology for self-healing. The breath can help you to stay grounded, stay in your heart and stay present. Breathwork is part catharsis, part socially sanctioned adult temper tantrum, and part psychedelic experience.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to purge the body of emotional gunk. You breathe with an open mouth into the belly to stir the second chakra, oxygenate and breathe new life force into old stories and limiting beliefs. You draw the breath up to the heart to purify and wash these emotions with love. You breathe out of the mouth to release. The experience moves stuck emotional energy and facilitates release of strong emotions like anger and sadness. It leaves you feeling softer, open and less burdened.

It will be the most potent to use it within three days of the Equinox to capitalize on the energies but you can use it for the full spring season.  Can't wait to breathe with you!

 *no refunds/credits for this group

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