Sacred Terrain is a 6 week healing journey for people who want to move beyond just surviving, into thriving in their lives and a deep understanding of their emotions, intuition, and SELF. 

Registration opens once a year-the next date will be Fall 2019.

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Understand how to work with what your emotions are trying to tell you and move any stuck energy out of your body in a sacred, conscious way. 

End the cycle of feeling crazy, confused or controlled by your feelings. 

Connect deeply to your intuition and learn to trust yourself so you can feel confident and courageous in your life. 

Learn how to love yourself, all of you, not just the bright and shiny, “acceptable” parts. 


Think of it like this


For six weeks, you will be in a transformational chamber. I’ll be your guide, your champion, and your support team, holding you through every step.

This is not ‘just’ an online course. This is a transformation portal. You will not leave this course unchanged.

I know this work works because I’ve been in the trenches.  When I found this work, it was something I’d been waiting for my entire life.  I had so much pain in my heart, my soul and my spirit. It affected my ability to find joy, to find connection, to feel like I fit in, to feel like I was allowed to take up space. 

I was a walking wound.

Just waiting to be hurt again or let down. My temper was close to the surface. I was a fighter and easily triggered and defensive with my family, with partners and even friends. There was an emptiness inside me that I didn’t know how to fill so I tried to get other people to help me fill myself with love and appreciation. I couldn’t see who I really was. I couldn’t see my value. 

I was still successful by most people’s standards. I didn’t hate myself. I wasn’t at rock bottom. I had good friends and went to yoga and taught workshops and had fun. To most people, it was a perfectly reasonable life. 

I didn’t know there was more until I found Breathwork.

All of a sudden I had a way to peel the layers of pain and suffering. To reach beyond and through the supposed safety net of my mind and go deep into the places where all the old hurts hung out. And Clear Them Out. For good. 

It helped me release “too much” and “not enough.” It helped me step strongly into my power as a teacher and a leader with a voice.  It helped me let go of my burdens-always a victim, waiting for someone else to make it better. It gave me a way to move out all the anger, resentment, fear, and disappointment from my body. 

It helped me fill up from inside with self-love and grace.  It deepened my connection to my intuition, my creativity and my faith. It made me feel whole and not broken, probably for the first time in my life.

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Here's the deal


I know it can be exhausting when you feel like you’ve been doing “the work” and it feels like this is as good as it can get… and yet it’s not good enough. 

You know there is more but you don’t know how to get there.  And maybe you don’t feel like you have the strength or the courage to go deeper. You’ve been feeling your feelings your whole life and it’s been painful. 

You might judge yourself for being so emotional and feel out of control and just want to learn how to pull it together. But you can’t pull the same traumas and beliefs together and just slap a new mindset on them and have things be different. You have to go back to the roots, to the places where the hurts happened and reprogram your body. 


Your emotions are not shameful. 
They are not negative.
They do not need to be confusing.
They are not a symbol of how out of control you are.
It’s not your fault.  This is your work. 

You don’t need to be afraid of yourself. 

Feeling your emotions in a sacred, conscious, visceral way somatically releases layers of pain from the body. 

There is so much in your body that is crying out to be released. Your suffering is embedded in your cells, muscles, bones. 

I want you to know that there is a way through your pain. 

That when you release the heartache from a lifetime of not feeling good enough, or unsupported, or not safe to be who you are, or feeling like you have to do it all on your own, or whatever may be torturing your soul, that life can get better than you can even imagine right now.

That letting go of those core wounds and limiting beliefs can change the frequency you hold in your body and begin to invite in higher vibrational experiences and people.


Life can get a LOT more magical.
I know because it happened to me.

I would love to show you how.


What People Are Saying

Hadley Corpus, Movement + Wellness Coach/Cincinnati, OH

Hadley Corpus, Movement + Wellness Coach/Cincinnati, OH

I was a little nervous that this was an online course. I had such a powerful in-person experience beforehand and I wasn’t sure if I would get the same inspiration and release as I did with just a live video. However, the first session we did as a group felt like a welcome home party for my mind and body, and to a space that I had been longing for in my life. It was such a powerful call and I knew immediately that I made the right choice.

During one session, in particular, I had such an amazing experience where it felt like all the years of body shaming and disdain that I had been holding on to, simply melted right into the ground underneath me and away from my being. When an unwanted thought about my body, my abilities, or self-worth tried to come back up, your words and questions guided me back to the truth and helped crowd out anything that could have had me spiral in a different direction.

I can’t begin to express how good it feels to now hold myself with this type of love. I’m no longer wrestling with the sensation of judgment or striving, but more tenderness and ease. I have also become more focused and intentional in my yoga practice and workouts. My food choices naturally feel more nourishing, and my body loves me right back for it.

I am beyond grateful for what I have experienced and do not feel shackled to the fear, sadness, and overwhelm I was feeling as when I started the program. I have been shouting about Sacred Terrain from to the rooftops to anyone who will listen. This course was wonderful!!!
— Hadley Corpus, Movement + Wellness Coach/Cincinnati, OH
I am amazed at how different I feel. Every class completely resonated with me and helped me to feel less alone. I have been trying to fix myself for my entire life. Now, I know that I don’t need to be fixed. I’m just peeling away layers of emotional energy related to sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, etc. Erin really understands the human experience and made it very easy for me to trust the process, the breath and our sacred container. She is amazing and I’m so thank to her for choosing to share her gift as a healer with us, and for creating Sacred Terrain.
— Tiffany Curren, Healer/New Jersey
Tiffany Curren, Healer/New Jersey

Tiffany Curren, Healer/New Jersey

I identify as an anxious, extremely sensitive person who has had a lot of traumatic experiences, and I long to feel whole and connected to myself so I can help others do the same. Change is something that has always felt overwhelming and scary and I value various forms of external security.

After this course, I feel more like myself and like a larger, more real version. I trust, love and respect myself more too which has made me feel relieved, lighter, calmer, more aware, empowered, more capable to handle anything that comes my way, and EXCITED! Excited to learn, to go deeper and to help others along their processes. I also have a greater respect for emotions as teachers—a concept which feels really empowering.

Sacred Terrain helped reminding me of my wisdom and what I already know. It plugged me back into myself, my own power source. It was a beautiful experience that resonated to my very core. I felt safe, I felt welcome and I felt loved. This is part of my life now and I can’t wait to keep breathing.
— Dorothy M., Communications Manager/Chicago
I’ve tried a lot of things- Unblocked workshops, plant medicine, astrology readings - but nothing has helped me as much as Sacred Terrain has. It cleared enough space within so that I could reclaim my body and get back on the yoga mat after two years in bed. With Sacred Terrain, I actually felt safe enough to feel my feelings because I had a container to do it in. I’ve been able to sit with my emotions more easily when they come up. I’m more tapped into my creativity and can recognize what I’m trying to get on paper when I decide to paint. It’s also easier to understand when a feeling isn’t originating from me, but that I’m picking up someone else’s. Such a great life changer on the subway! I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has ever read the quote “feeling feelings” but doesn’t really know how.
— Amy Chou, Yoga Teacher in training/New York
Amy Chou, Yoga Teacher in training/New York

Amy Chou, Yoga Teacher in training/New York


This is for you if:


You feel stuck in your healing process.  You’ve been doing the work but know there are deeper levels that you don’t know how to get to.

You can feel that your body is crying out for release.

You are tired of doing it alone and are craving support in your healing. 

You are ready to release old programs and limiting beliefs from your consciousness. 

You want to be understand your emotions, befriend them, and be able to communicate them clearly. 

New romantic relationships, new friendships, or new work/social situations stir up a lot of anxiety, insecurity, and old wounds around worthiness, abandonment/rejection, and trust. 

You’ve been in talk therapy and/or using antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications but there is a little voice that is telling you there is another way. 

You battle with depression, anxiety, heartbreak, grief, anger, disappointment, or addictions.

You have a lot to say and share and create but your voice feels stifled and stuck. 

You are open and willing to show up for yourself and your transformation. 

This is not for you if:

You need a high level of individual support.

You don't have support outside of this group to help you with things that might be activated.

You have a felt sense that you will not feel safe experiencing the intensity of your emotions without one on one support.  

You may be offended by me using the occasional curse word, making references to our current political climate or the systems of oppression present in our culture.

*side note: This is not a training. You will not be able to teach or offer Breathwork sessions after taking this course. This is a personal healing program. If you wish to offer this work to your clients or groups, you must take the Healer Training Course. Please email me at if you have any questions.

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How it works


For six weeks, we will meet online in a sacred container of support to work with understanding and healing a different piece of your emotional body through Breathwork. 

Breathwork works to release emotional pain somatically from the body- a much deeper level than the mind. 

You will have an accompanying worksheet and self-study assignment that you can use to compliment the work we do in the group. Each class will be recorded and posted in the Sacred Terrain student portal. The content will be released weekly via email to make sure you have time to integrate each session. You will also have a private Facebook group so that you can connect with other like-minded seekers and spirits, share your progress and challenges, and receive additional support, guidance and inspiration from me. 



This is just a snippet of the curriculum but I wanted to give you a taste of what to expect.  Every group has a unique personality and energetic signature so I like to leave space to intuitively respond and adjust our work to what the group is needing the most.  


Working with Self Love & Self Worth


Working with Anger & Boundaries

Working with Depression & Sadness


Working with Anxiety & Fear


Clearing Abuse Energy


Working with Expression, Creativity & Using Your Voice

+ a welcome video to get you energetically prepared and organized to begin this journey

 + a 7 minute Breathwork practice video for you to use as a daily meditation
+ a nightly intention & energy clearing practice


Bonus #1

Live Q&A call with me to answer any questions that came up for you

Bonus #2

SuperPowered Empath digital class on energetic boundaries and how to thrive with this gift! 


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The Value


In this course, you’ll get me for 12 hours, with six healing sessions, a preparation and integration video, worksheets to deepen your personal inquiry and a private Facebook for community support.

I have seen one Breathwork session change lives and begin to undo a lifetime of limiting beliefs. The support of this group container and the deep healing and understanding you will gain from understanding your emotional body is a gateway to greater peace, joy, balance, creativity and emotional equilibrium. 

This program is open to anyone who is ready to heal on a deeper level and for a radical change in their lives.


Ready? It’s your turn to say yes to
wanting more for your life.