7 Minute Guided Breathwork Meditation

This guided Breathwork meditation is my favorite practice for moving stuck energy, working with my feelings, shifting my emotional state and clearing myself.  It is an active meditation technique that you can safely do on your own every day.  If you'd like to breath in a group, click on my Events page.  If you have already done this type of breathing, feel free to skip to 6.20 in the video!

Enjoy your meditation!  Nine minutes of binaural beats, chimes, singing bowls, and 99 subliminal affirmations in my voice reminding you of your divine nature. This is tuned to each of your chakras. Best listened to on headphones to hear all the tones. Download, share, listen, enjoy, let it heal you and love you up:  DOWNLOAD HERE



These are all healers that are personally vetted through me.  I have had incredible experiences with all of them and highly recommend them.  

Sandra Sitron-Astrologer

Lindsay Mack-Tarot Reader & Teacher/Intuitive Counselor

Eliel Fionn-Intuitive/Akashic Records

Kalisa Augustine-Crystal Bed Therapy/Energy Clearing

Sara Auster-Sound Therapy

Lauralee Kelly-Energetic Healing + Therapeutic Bodywork

Dr. Christine Surrago-Naturopathic Doctor

Lisa Gainsley-Lymphatic Drainage massage

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