When there is something sticky or unclear I’m circling around, Erin is the wise one I trust to bring forward exactly what I need (even if I have no idea what that is). Her presence cuts through my crap in the most loving of ways. She truly Sees me, hears telepathically between and underneath my words, and raises my vibration the instant we connect. I value her support on this path so very, very much.
— Ginny Muir, Body & Soul Guide
A purist, a powerhouse, & radically present.  It is rare to find such naturally powerful healing energy, presence, and compassion. Erin has an ability to gaze into your soul, relax and calm your nerves while speaking directly to what ails you. She is true blue. She is major. She is grounded, intuitive, with a keen ability to hold space like the oldest, wisest oak in the forest. Equally powerful and humble, you cannot help but feel fully free and authentic. She knows what she is doing. You will feel seen. Safe. And Held. I trust her.
— Kalisa Augustine, Crystal Bed Therapist, Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer
That single breath work session I had with you opened so much for me. It was my first encounter with a healer that held a completely unattached safe space with the boundaries that I needed to feel safe enough to do my own work!
— Alison Hersel, Founder of ENDPAIN
After experiencing Erin’s breath work in a group setting, I felt called to book a private session with her. I’m so grateful I trusted my guidance, as she was able to help me move through grief that I’ve been holding since childhood. I felt so safe and cared for in her presence, and as healing goes, it was one of the most care-ful and gentle experiences I’ve had. I highly recommend Erin for anyone looking to access and release emotions and beliefs stored in the body. She’s a phenomenal presence.
— Tyla Fowler/New York
Erin truly is a healer. She is inquisitive and insightful and has the most calming, grounding energy. She provides everything I need to move through emotional blocks that are holding me back. Her energy and healing allows me to move forward - empowered, re-energized, and confident in my next steps. Truly miraculous. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck, confused, frustrated and/or is struggling to find a way to let go. So thankful for her incredible gifts.
— Susie S., Fine Jewelry Designer/New York
As someone who has been in therapy for over 20 years, I have never had any practice affect me so immediately and so positively as my session with Erin. My improvement was immediate. I felt so comfortable with Erin; she was direct, informative, compassionate, and just plain wonderful. I would HIGHLY recommend her. She is hugely talented.
— Ruthy Effler, Member Development Manager/New York
Erin has an incredibly healing presence and that combined with her absolute full attention to each person she works with is powerful. I’ve seen her for breathwork in her private practice as well as group settings and have recommended her to countless friends. She refocuses the lens in an amazingly short time and holds space for release of tightly held and unnecessary emotion. She also has a way of keeping her clients honest and no fear of taking people to the places they need to go.
— Anna D., Program Manager/New York
Through my work with Erin, I’ve identified and shifted many known and unknown barriers in my life. It’s helped me to let go of what doesn’t serve me and see how that leads to a “pruned” and refined version of my best self. I feel very centered, peaceful, relaxed and happy. I’m in such a better place to help others, help myself achieve my goals, and just navigate the twists and turns of life!

I also really value Erin’s compassion, knowledge, thoughtfulness and wisdom. I love learning and gain so much every time I come in. I also feel a real trust and grace from her. I know that she is genuinely “rooting for me” like a great coach does and her heart is in the right place. It comes through in all our discussions and treatments and is part of the intangible reason I enjoy our time together. I really feel like I have a radiant heart!
— Laura L, Marketing Director/New York
WOW!!! Please do gift yourself this profound healing experience!!! I went to Erin 3 weeks ago to discuss my digestion and insomnia. I had no idea she would resolve all that AND empower me with my own self-love to voice my needs and stand up for myself!!! My sleep and digestion have improved dramatically. As have all my inter-personal and professional relationships. Mind-body-soul healing. So powerful! And she’s just so lovely!
— Deganit Nuur, Acupuncturist & Clairvoyant/New York
Erin is a highly intuitive healer and I absolutely recommend working with her. Many people think of pain relief when they think of acupuncture. I came to Erin with emotional goals. If I was lacking self-esteem or I wanted to be more centered, she would focus our session on self-love and grounding. She created a space where I felt that I could be honest and vulnerable about my emotions. This made the treatments more powerful because she could meet me where I was. After our sessions I feel incredibly present and able to take on the world. I also carry a lot of tension in my shoulders. After my first session with her, it felt like I’d had ten massages in a row! It astonished me how my muscles were able to relax so quickly! If you’re looking to treat yourself to something really special, I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is a gentle spirit and truly gifted!
— Lauren Fales, Actress and Youth Facilitaor/New York