Last week was a doozy to say the least.  Our collective experience of fear and uncertainty as the storm approached has turned into many very different experiences in its aftermath.  My neighborhood was virtually unscathed.  A few trees were knocked down and many businesses were closed temporarily.

Everything looked exactly as it had before the storm so it was hard for me to connect to the devastation that others had experienced.  Facebook actually turned into a really valuable tool rather than the drone-y scroll it usually is.  Once I started seeing video footage and photos of what was going on around our burroughs, it all started to hit home.

I had the assumption that everything would be back up and running within a few days and this was clearly not the case.  All of us know at least a few people that were very personally affected by this storm.  The effects of the damage are HUGE and are just the beginning.  The economic aftershocks will be far reaching, both for people who lost their homes and for people who lost a full week’s pay.

Even those of us who did not experience direct loss have experienced some degree of trauma from this event.  Although we may not feel it at all times, we are part of a collective consciousness.  We feel the pain of our community and of the world.

I’m seeing and hearing that a lot of you are grieving losses of your fellow human beings, you are outraged by the crime and lack of care you see, and you are anxious after being destabilized by something you could not control.  If you started to feel really strong, pronounced emotions that were over and above how you would normally respond, you are probably absorbing the feelings of the community.  I realized a few days after the storm that I was feeling very restless and very anxious.

These were feelings that were not in direct response to my environment or what was happening in my life.  I realized that they were not my own and created this affirmation to help transmute my feelings:

Affirmation:  This fear, anxiety, anger and sadness do not belong to me.  It belongs to the collective consciousness.  I return it to the Universe to be transformed and purified into healing energy for all those affected by the storm.

Even if you are not feeling anxious, there will be many around you are who are.   Notice if others are short tempered, sharp tongued, or seem out of it.  You never know who around you has lost a home, a family member, or a weeks pay.  The election yesterday was also ramping up the tension in the air.

My advice.  Put just one thing on your to do list today.  Just breathe.  Add your voice to the political conversation.  Add your hands to the recovery efforts.  Choose action over anxiety and you will be able to channel any strong emotions into something positive.

There’s also a stirring of excitement in the air this morning.  We really shine here when it’s time to repair and heal.  The community spirit is palpable.  We have been a site for destruction more than once over the last 12 years and we continue to respond with love.

Please do be kind to yourselves in the wake of this upheaval.