Take a Wellness Day

"Accept everything about yourself-I mean everything.  You are you and that is the beginning and the end.  No apologies, no regrets."

- Dr. Clark Moustakas, Psychologist

Confession:I caught a cold last week.I was a sniffley, fatigued, raspy-voiced disaster.Not only did I feel awful physically, I also felt terribly inauthentic as a ‘sick’ healer. I felt like my profession dictated that I exist in perfect health at all times and that I was letting people down.I felt…guilty.Guilt is the worst.I try my best not to allow it in my treatment room.It’s as sticky, insidious and harmful as any bacteria or virus can be. It creeps in quietly and slimes your perspective.Since we are collectively sharing this human experience, I wasn’t surprised that several people in my practice were experiencing guilt about getting sick or feeling low energy.

We catch colds and flus when we are worn out, when we’ve been working too hard, sleeping too little, are depressed, have suffered a loss, or in my case-after eating tacos in a wet bikini under chilling A/C.Viruses and bacteria creep in when we are in this weakened state and wreak a little (or a lot) of havoc on our immune system.It’s a perfectly normal, healthy, bodily response.Getting sick signals us that it’s time to up the ante on self-care.  More water, more sleep, more nutrient dense food, and don’t forget the multivitamin!  So where does all the guilt come from?We’re guilty about not being a finely tuned, hard working machine?We’re guilty about taking time for ourselves?We’re guilty about being ‘weak’?Many of us flagellate ourselves for our supposed failings on a daily basis.How about giving yourself a break on all levels?Give yourself a chance to rest, to recuperate, to recover when you need to.Follow your bodies rhythms and honor your need to slow down.

As for me, I employed my usual arsenal of herbs, needles, moxa, and essential oils and am on my way to recovery.If you are experiencing a summer cold or are feeling rundown when you’d like more energy, come see me.