Sovereign Society Podcast Episode 062 | Mending the Heart of the Holidays / Erin Telford


It’s holiday season and this time of year especially can bring about many triggers….and many opportunities for healing. In this episode of the Sovereign Society podcast, I join Sabrina Riccio to offer you support in how to navigate through these holidays, with some gentle guidance as to how you can implement more compassion and love at home.  

2018 has been a wild ride. Now more than ever we can be reminded of just how we can come together and remember what the essence of the holidays are really about: connection, family, friends, love, and gratitude. In this episode, Sabrina and I offer you all the tools and medicine to support you during this season and beyond.  

In this episode, Sabrina and I talked about….

  • Getting back to basics + reclaiming your sovereignty around the holidays. 

  • Navigating through the culture + noise of the holidays .

  • How breath can help us navigate through the holidays and beyond. 

  • Tools, practices, and medicine to honor your boundaries with family.

  • Building your energetic immunity through leading by example. 

  • A reality check around your hierarchy of wokeness, privilege, and appropriation. 

  • Walking your talk when living your values.

  • Honor each other‘s path of consciousness. 

  • Understanding the spiritual truth of 2018. 

  • How to navigate through those challenging and triggering topics.