No one seems to like New Year’s resolutions.

Overly ambitious goals create feelings of defeat.The idea of “finding my life’s true purpose” completely overwhelms you from January 1st all the way to the following year.Accountability feels like a drag.You announce that you are “starting a diet” and then get called out when your co-worker sees you eating a burger for lunch.Disappointment ensues when you join a gym and…never go.

I am one of those weird people who are a huge fan of resolutions.Are you ready for my secret?I don’t call them resolutions.I call it intention setting, wishing or dreaming and I do it once a month all year long on the day of the New Moon.This means that you get a fresh start EVERY MONTH!How exciting!Each month is a new opportunity to re-examine what is most important to you and move toward it.  I like to do a mix of small, manageable goals combined with “go big or go home” goals.That way you easily achieve a few of your goals, giving you added confidence and energy to direct towards your larger, long-term goals.

Every New Moon falls in a different astrological sign so the energy of your wishes or intentions is magnified if you work with the theme of the month.This month’s New Moon is in Capricorn and it happened Tuesday, January 4th.The energy we are working with is about planting realistic seeds for the future, rebirth, renewal, a lifting of heavy spirits, and a soul recharge.It’s about abundance, good fortune and optimism even in the face of despair.It’s also about romantic love, trust, new partnership and people banding together to help each other.Sounds perfect for a New Year right?

‘*Do not despair if you are reading this later in the week.This New Moon is a solar eclipse, which makes it extra powerful.The effects last anywhere from two weeks to up to six months.

Make these three lists today (or this week) to clean your slate for greater abundance and a fresh start in 2011!

1.First, the GRATITUDE!Give thanks on this list for everything you are grateful to have learned, gained, and enjoyed in 2010.You may want to include things like learning a new skill, an inspiring conversation you had with a friend or even a drama-free holiday.

2.  Next, make a BURN List-This is a list of everything you want to leave behind from 2010, everything you are OH SO OVER.Kick heartache, disappointment and missed opportunities to the curb.2010 is over and you are done.Now light it on fire and say goodbye.  Make room for a glorious do-over.  

3.Finally, the INTENTION List!This is the fun part. What do you want?Aim high.Go BIG.These are YOUR dreams.This list is between you and the Universe.Ask for exactly what you want.You can’t get it if you don’t ask.Decorate your list and mostly importantly, FEEL how you would feel inside if all of these things came true.Feels good?Ok then, you are on the way to manifesting your new year!

Lots of love and best wishes for 2011,