Clearing Karma (aka why is everyone sick?)



I am tired this week.


This is week two of a cold that feels like a full system purge of all that needs to die on a cellular and energetic level.  I see more people working through flus and colds at the same time than I have ever seen before.  We are all going through a karmic clearing and an energetic upgrade right now, whether we are conscious of it or not.


Flus and colds and all of the fun symptoms that come with them are genius ways that our body has to escort out all of the decaying material that we have inside.  Out with the old to make space for the new!  So even though this feels like this is happening strictly on a physical level, we are not separated out into sections of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  We are one complete organism.  This means that everything that is happening is occurring on all levels of being even though you may only be able to feel it on one level.


If you are not sick, don’t worry.  You’re not missing out.  You may be feeling a lot of emotions coming up, aches and pains, disturbed sleep. 


We are clearing karma right now from past lives and from our current lifetime.  People usually see karma as a really lofty idea or something that is wildly oversimplified.  Like, if I don’t kill this spider, I’ll have a good day.  Or if I’m really rude to the check out person at the grocery store because I’m having a bad day, no wonder my train was late. 


The more karma that we can clear in this lifetime, the more free will we will have.  The more our manifestations begin to appear almost immediately.  The more cause and effect starts to occur very rapidly. 


Our culture of instant gratification really likes the idea of instant karma.  The karma that I’m talking about is bigger than the cause and effect of telling a white lie or letting a door slam in someone’s face because you were in a hurry.


I’m talking about the work of your lifetime.  If that sounds really daunting, don’t worry.  It’s all of the work you are already doing. 


We’ve all got a few threads or themes that run through our life and our relationships.  They can be things like:


Learning to establish healthy boundaries in relationships

Forgiving people for past hurt and pain by acknowledging their limitations and taking responsibility for your happiness

Over giving to prove your worth

Repressing creative expression

Swallowing anger in order to maintain a relationship or not lose love

Being the peace maker or the strong one who never gets their needs met

Being in the victim role

Playing the waiting game for your life to begin

Letting fear run the show


These are just a few places that might need healing in your life.  There are so many others.  You will know what yours are. 


These don’t all have to be tackled immediately with a “fix it now” attitude.  You can begin the healing by bringing your themes into your consciousness.  You can’t heal something that you don’t want to look at.  It has to be clear and in front of your face for the work to begin. 


If your themes aren’t clear for you, give yourself the gift of some time to list out some places in your life where things hurt or where you feel diminished or triggered.  When you know what you are working with, you can start to experiment with trying on new ways of being that feel comfortable to you. 


You don’t have to dive in headfirst but you do have to begin.  Waiting to work with your life only creates bigger and more obvious circumstances in order to make you pay attention.  Make it easier on yourself.  Speak up when you normally wouldn’t.  Say no when you want to say no.  Notice how your body and emotions feel in different environments and around different people.  Pay attention to how you feel when you walk away from encounters with friends, family, loved ones.  Do you feel energized and inspired or depleted and flat?  


This is an extra powerful time to do this work as we have been in the middle of two eclipses and had the first day of Spring on Sunday.  It’s a time of rebirth and renewal and we can take advantage of it by working with what we need to let go of.  Tomorrow (3/23) is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which will illuminate all of the beauty and all of the hard parts in our lives.  Pay attention to what you see.  This is valuable information for your life. 


I often hear people say that they feel things for no reason.  There is always a reason.  Always.  Give yourself some credit and observe yourself.  Watch for insights, watch for gifts, watch for epiphanies this week.  You might be surprised. 


Places that you are feeling pain are places that need release.  Breathe into them.  Journal about them, dance them out, sing them out, create them out.  If you are feeling really fatigued, please allow yourself to get extra rest.  Even if you can’t get extra sleep, please do give yourself time to lie quietly and close your eyes. 


Be kind to yourself as always.  You deserve your own love and compassion.