Brand Yourself Podcast, Episode 86: the power of taking bold action with heart with Erin Telford


I had the pleasure of speaking with Blair Badenhop of the Brand Yourself podcast. Blair and I had a great conversation and it was the first time that I focused almost exclusively on how I built my business and my brand. If you are a healer of any kind who is just starting out, you are going to love this one!

In the episode, I share:

  • Why a painful heartbreak wound up being the catalyst for my personal growth journey and ultimately led me to pursue her education and become an energy worker.

  • How I went about bootstrapping my business initially leveraging $40,000 in credit—and what it was like to use it to pay for everything in my life including rent.

  • What happened in year one that built major momentum for my business and how it propelled me to grow a 6-figure income so early on.

  • The growing pains and challenges that arose from shifting from a brick and mortar space to a virtual one— and what I did to reinvent my entire business and appeal to my audience.

  • How I got over the fear of being seen, having a voice, and sharing my wisdom even in moments of deep insecurity and self-doubt.

  • How we can all leverage the tool of Breathwork to step more fully into our gifts, creativity, success, and greatness. And so much more!