An Easy Way to Make a Big Decision

Decisions, decisions.

Should I stay or should I go?

One more chance or no more chances?

This apartment or that apartment?

This job or that job?

Status quo or expansion up, up, and beyond the comfort zone?

This has been a week of tough calls for many people.  I know that this feeling is going much, much further than my sight in my practice, as we are all part of this collective consciousness.  The energies of Right Now and of the last few weeks have been about really digging in and introspecting.

What’s really going on?  Are you getting real with yourself?  Are you being real with the people around you?

There are decisions to be made, or at least lovingly mused upon in a way you may never have looked at before.  This is a time of investigation where you can delve into areas of relationship, family, home and your version of security.  There was a New Moon in Cancer yesterday.  This is a ‘heal your roots’ moon.

Whether or not you put any stock into the concept of astrology, we cannot help but be affected by the rhythms of the planets.  The Moon influences the ebb and flow of the ocean, our menstrual cycles and our moods.  It’s worth paying attention to.

So, in this vein, if you have a choice that needs to be made that affects your foundation-I offer a prayer and a practice.  Your foundation could really be anything-your health, your family, your bank account, your sense of self, your social circle, your romantic partnership, your children, your job, your home.  These can be scary areas to affect change in because they trigger our primal need for safety.

I know that your internal compass is strong.  If there is anyone who knows what you need the most, it is you.  You just have to tune in.

The practice is this.  Find a quiet place to sit for 5-10 minutes.  Make sure it is free of distractions.

Start with your first choice.  Fully inhabit your Option A with your entire being.  Envision making THIS decision and place yourself completely in that choice.  Put yourself in that apartment, that job, that situation with every detail you can imagine.  No waffling.  This is where you are now.

How does it feel?  Are you feeling expanded, light, thrilled, happy?  Or are you feeling contracted, heavy, afraid, shut down?

Sit with that for a bit.  See if the fear you are feeling is really just excitement masked by ‘oh my god!’  How good or bad does being in that space feel for you?

Now try the same thing with your second scenario.  Go deeply into THIS decision and let that one marinate.  How does this one feel?

Compare these two and allow your body to tell you what to do.  Our bodies won’t lie to us.  If you are still filled with massive confusion and anxiety is clouding everything, try saying this beautiful prayer courtesy of The Daily Love.

Dear Uni-verse,

Please show me the solution to my problem. I know that you are guiding me to greater and greater experiences. I let go of the judgment of my situation and embrace the teachings that I am receiving. I trust You, even if I am scared. I let go of needing to know how things turn out and instead am grateful and excited for the RIDE. I know that things don’t always go my way and I CELEBRATE this because - when things go Your way, life flows in magnificent and glorious ways. I know that You have a greater vision for my life than I could ever imagine, and so I surrender to that vision daily. Show me my next steps and please help to give me the courage to feel the fear of taking that step and doing it anyway! I choose to embrace Your Love by giving EVERYTHING that happens in my life an empowering meaning. I know that together, We are unstoppable!



I have every confidence you will find your way.