The Radically Selfish Podcast - Be Daring Enough to Dream a New Dream

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”Just as we are in a constant state of evolution, so are our dreams.

This episode is all about letting yourself want something new. Here to guide us through this personal revolution is Erin Telford. She is no stranger to deciding on a new dream. In fact, Erin has taken her journey to internal transformation to a very literal and incredibly powerful place.

Erin is certainly a woman of many gifts. In this episode, she will take us along with her to brave new worlds outside of our comfort zones. She will help us plumb the depths of what it means to be radically selfish. For Erin, this means redefining her personal standards, seeking out only the most fulfilling life experiences, and having a witness to her sacred joy and love. Erin wisely stated that having no expectations also means having no standards. It’s a powerful reminder that we need to protect our heart and our inner voice. That voice is clear about what experiences and environments are working for you and which ones are not.

Perhaps you are like Erin, and your inner voice is calling out for reinvention. It is never to late to dive into a new dream. Listen to today’s interview, and get inspired to transform your dreams into beautiful new realities!”

More Radical Lessons In This Episode:
– It takes intention to change your dream.
– Erin has some insights from a month on the road.
– Give yourself permission to want something.
– Getting out of the city was so incredibly healing for Erin, even if it means losing the “city edge.”
– We are not trained to want what we want. It is OK to be needy!
– Don’t get caught up in the emotional free-for- all!
– We both get the chance to weigh in on what it means to be radically selfish.
– If we don’t use our freedom, we are taking it for granted.
– Your actions can impact people in so many other ways.
– You can be in control of all the structures in your life.
– Erin shares stories of her great disappointments and loneliest times.
– Leaning back v. leaning in.
– Money stopped being important when Erin’s body experience and environment took over as her deepest focus.
– We are all deeply missing the presence of a tribe.
– Erin shares all about her book-writing journey!

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Truth bomb: "It’s one of the most terrifying things ever to be truly unmasked and wildly vulnerable and sexual and emotional in front of another human being and not know if it’s going to work out even if they’re supposedly all the things on paper and in real life. I think that’s one of the scariest things ever, to be naked in front of another human being, on all levels.

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Healers Podcast Interview w/Elizabeth Dehn

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"We all need healing, whether from a broken heart or a chronic health condition. Join self-help obsessed writer and founder of, Elizabeth Dehn, on a weekly spirit journey with the teachers and gurus who are transforming lives in unconventional ways. These modern-day healers will change the way you view the universe—and your ability to heal yourself.

You feel like you have it all together on paper—the job, the home, the friends. But something still feels like it’s missing. You think it must be possible to feel better than this, more joyful and energized, less anxious and uncertain—but you don’t know how. Fashion publicist turned NYC breathworker Erin Telford of has been there, done that and is here to help us uncover what’s missing on a soul level. She’ll also walk us through a breath exercise that you can do at home whenever you need grounding."

~ Elizabeth Dehn of

FERAL INTERCOURSE: Conversations with Wild Women #18 Erin Telford

The more people that tell the truth, the more loneliness and emotional isolation is dispelled.  There is a lot of truth to tell in this life and many layers.  I am committed to continue to share as much of my story as possible so that less people feel alone and more believe They Can Do It-whatever their "it" happens to be!

"In this not-to-miss episode, Erin and I exchange on the reclamation and redefinition of the healer, examining what’s in our Pandora’s box, the role of shadow work as self love and as a personal responsibility, using our emotions as a kind of guidance system, seeing everyone (including ourselves) as teachers, intentionality and becoming conscious of the light and dark of everything in life, and learning to consciously curate our environments."

~ Rachael Alaia