How to Trust

photo by Caroline Reid

photo by Caroline Reid

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about trust lately, especially since I’m been on this ‘Working for the Universe’ tour!  Trust is something that can seem evasive.  In this world of “hacks” and quick fixes, trust and faith are more about mastery.  There are no shortcuts.  You begin and then you continue.  

The form of trust that I practice is almost synonymous with intuition.  I say practice because it truly is a day to day practice.  The more you check in with yourself, your gut, your inner knowing, your seeing/hearing/feeling senses, the clearer information you will receive.  The more you act on the information you receive, the more you will grow confidence in following your internal guidance system.  If you don’t take action on the information you receive, you might stay stuck in confusion and indecision while the gifts of your intuition gather dust in the corner.  


The first place to build trust is always within.  If you are still here and reading this, you made it!  You can trust yourself and your ability to meet the challenges that happen in your life because you’ve already met so many!  You don’t need to have handled everything perfectly or rose to the occasion in the exact right way.  You are living and learning and as long as you are self-reflecting, you are right on track.  


You can trust yourself that you can figure it out and if you can’t, that you can ask for help and educate yourself.  You can trust yourself that you have the internal resources to create and grow what’s important to you and if you feel wobbly, that you can begin to cultivate the qualities that you need to feel confident and capable.  


Again, this is about practice not perfection.  I don’t believe in wasted time or wrong decisions.  We are on this planet to learn, grow and heal.  It’s okay to experiment with your life.  If something doesn’t work out the way you would have liked, recalibrate and course correct.  


The second place to build trust is in something larger than you.  This can be your family, friends, your teachers or healers, or your community. It’s important to have humans in your life that hold wisdom and can see and report your blind spots with love. This can be a little tricky because you want to choose people who hold knowledge in the area that you want to grow into and that are able to hold neutral, supportive space for you.  They only need to be a couple steps ahead of you in the process to be able to guide you.  Advisors, whether long term or temporary can help you engender trust within because they can reflect back to you how great you are doing.  They can give you encouragement and validation when you might be feeling afraid or uncertain.  


The third place to build trust is in something greater than your human self.  This can be the Universe, Spirit, your Higher Self, Source, God/dess, your guides, Mother Earth, Archangel Michael, hawk spirits-whatever works.  A non-human alliance is going to be neutral in its ability to help support you.  It won’t have any agenda for you other than to help you grow.  I hear this guidance most clearly when I am moving my body and when I am connected to Nature.  The more you nurture the relationship with something bigger than you, the more it will give back.  It’s like any other relationship, if you are attentive and respectful to it, it will become rich and deepen over time.


Intuitive information is always going to be neutral.  If it comes with a charge, it is most likely a judgement, opinion or a fear.  Trust should always be partnered with inspired actions and meeting the Universe half way.  Be clear and if you aren’t, get clear.  Know what and who you are trusting.  Know what you are working towards.  


When you trust, you are moving past the survival mode of the ego.  You can begin to get excited about the possibilities for your life.  Fear of the unknown is no longer a “thing” when you trust.  Truly, we never know everything that is on the way for us or when its coming so fearing the unknown is just a way to spin the wheels of anxiety.  


Know what you want to create.

Take actions no matter how big or small to move forward.

Listen-within, to your advisors, and to the Universe.

When you’ve done all you can do and it looks like nothing is happening, sink your faith even deeper and know that waiting is part of trusting too.  

We are all getting bigger and moving into spaces of more risk and it doesn't have to be scary.  It's always more about cultivating internally than controlling externally....because that's just an illusion anyway.