Soul Sparks Episode #8: You Are Not Broken with Erin Telford

"In this episode we hit on: resilience, moving through grief, acupuncture, Breathwork, the loneliness of success, getting vulnerable in relationships, intuition vs. strategy in business.

Truth bomb: "It’s one of the most terrifying things ever to be truly unmasked and wildly vulnerable and sexual and emotional in front of another human being and not know if it’s going to work out even if they’re supposedly all the things on paper and in real life. I think that’s one of the scariest things ever, to be naked in front of another human being, on all levels."

~ Erin Telford

I have been following Kristin Lohr of We Are Soul Sparks for a long time.  Her Instagram account has become a sweet oracle for me.  Every time I scroll past her feed, there is always a divine and perfect message waiting for me that gives me a little synchronous boost for my journey.  She is a coach with a specialty in helping you find your strengths and get unstuck.  She asked me for my "pretty timeline" of how I got started to where I am now and that's where the conversation got real as there isn't ever just a yellow brick road that we skip along.  I talk about how I coped and grew from grief when my sister was killed in the middle of my acupuncture grad school program.  I talk about love and relationships and opening up and taking risks.  How I feel about social media (I like it.)  And much more...Enjoy the interview!