WORTHY: Conscious Conversations About Money

I love talking about money.  I had to do so much work around my self worth and what I thought about people who had money and what you had to do to make money.  I'm talking to Anastasia about how I got into tens of thousands of dollars of debt TWICE and how I got out of it.  I'm talking about how I started my practice and and how I took the leap from the day job to working for myself.  Here's what Anastasia had to say about our interview: 

"One of the best things about doing this series is that every few interviews or so, I walk away feeling like I just made a new friend. 

The best interviews are the ones that I forget I'm interviewing because I'm having such a good time. 

That's how I felt with Erin Telford.

I feel so grateful to have found her. 

She is so full of wisdom, so kind and funny, and so so good at what she does. 

Erin is an acupuncturist, Reiki Master, Breathwork facilitator/teacher and herbalist and ever since our time together I have used her breathwork video on YouTube almost every other night. It's crazy powerful. And Erin's voice and energy is so healing. 

I highly recommend it! 

We cover a ton in our interview. Going into debt, getting out of debt, and going back into it and out of it again. A powerful exercise Erin used to expand her capacity to receive. How prioritizing rest, relaxation, beauty, and down time actually brings her more business, not less.  How she kept going with her business, even when she had nothing in the bank and was full of anxiety and terror, and much much more.

I'll say it again. Erin is crazy special. I love her. And I know you will too."

~ Anastasia Holland