So Here's The Good News

The last 13 days since the inauguration has felt like five years.  I’ve been rabidly glued to my news feeds wondering what this man is going to do next.


So, here’s the good news.  And you can take this or leave this.  I am consciously choosing to look at this experience as a global healing event.  I don’t think this choice is delusional or “being positive.”  I actually think of it as completely realistic.


The collective’s dirty laundry is being shoved into the light of day-all of the rage, grief, misogyny, racism, fear, xenophobia, patriarchal conditioning, rape culture, etc.  Everything unsavory is now in a steaming pile in the middle of the room for all to witness.  This is the collective shadow aka the dark, distasteful, hidden side. 


We all have our own shadow side-the parts of us that we have decided are “bad.”  The parts of us that are jealous, afraid, angry, wounded, sad, lonely, ashamed.  As a person, you make up part of the collective shadow.  Every icky thing we are seeing outside of us right now reflects the sum total of billions of people’s long standing internal pain and suffering projected onto the world stage. 


You can’t heal a wound that you can’t see.  The collective had to get to a tipping point that forces us to act.  We finally have a true opportunity to do let old structures fall away and create new ones that reflect our humanity and love. 


In the midst of these wacky times, I have never felt more purposeful or alive.  I see the most engaged, turned on, three eyes open, brilliant, tender, compassionate cavalry charging together and bringing support and all their full open hearts. It is a joy to see during the chaos. When your world gets turned upside down, you get to see what you are made of and we are made of some pretty amazing stuff.


We are awake and alive and we CARE and that is thrilling.  I know that we are going to get through this and create a better world out of the one that is self-destructing right in front of our eyes.   We'll build this new one on a firm foundation of Love.


And if you missed my Thank You to Donald Trump on social media, here you go:


Thank you, Donald Trump, for awakening a fire in the belly of a nation.

Thank you for forcing our collective shadow out of the closet so we can heal it.

Thank you for uniting sisters across the world in unprecedented numbers.

Thank you for getting all of us out of our slumber and engaged in things we care about.

Thank you for rousing the 13-year-old me who used to write anarchy symbols on everything.

Thank you for provoking me to thoroughly educate myself on intersectionality and my privilege.

Thank you for showing us how disgusting the frequency of fear feels so we can commit to vibrating in love and peace, standing fiercely in our spiritual dignity.

Thank you for refining my purpose in the world.

Thank you for inspiring all of this creativity!

Thank you for shaking the hell out of the patriarchy.

Thank you for the friction that is creating an army of Revolutionaries.


I am not afraid of you because I could outwit you in about half a second. I am self-sovereign and live by my values not by The Rules. You have no true potency or power in the face of the strength of the people. The era of the benevolent Daddy patriarch is over. When you said "today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people" you didn't know how true that was. Thanks for handing it back honey. WE the people will save us.


Let's get to steppin’. With your pen, with your voice, with your paint brush, with your guitar, with your body, with your love. However it makes sense to you. This is my reality and I refuse to entertain fear or powerlessness.