FERAL INTERCOURSE: Conversations with Wild Women #18 Erin Telford

The more people that tell the truth, the more loneliness and emotional isolation is dispelled.  There is a lot of truth to tell in this life and many layers.  I am committed to continue to share as much of my story as possible so that less people feel alone and more believe They Can Do It-whatever their "it" happens to be!

"In this not-to-miss episode, Erin and I exchange on the reclamation and redefinition of the healer, examining what’s in our Pandora’s box, the role of shadow work as self love and as a personal responsibility, using our emotions as a kind of guidance system, seeing everyone (including ourselves) as teachers, intentionality and becoming conscious of the light and dark of everything in life, and learning to consciously curate our environments."

~ Rachael Alaia