UNTANGLED podcast with Alana Helbig

Melodee Solomon Photography

Melodee Solomon Photography

I had the deep pleasure of being interviewed by the warm and wise Alana Helbig for her podcast Untangled this week.  I talk about my transition from the fashion world to healing work, how I got in and OUT of a pile of debt, how I found faith, and how to have a soft yet discerning heart among other things.  Enjoy!

"Ten years ago Erin Telford was working in the glamourous world of fashion. She should have been happy. Fashion had been her life-long dream. Instead she was burnt out and stressed out.

Knowing it was time to make a change – but having no idea what to change to – Erin began to pray. Every day, for six months, she prayed to the skies “What am I supposed to do? Please show me my next step. Please show me a sign. Please help me.”

Then, one unexpected day, wrapped in Jessica Simpson’s face on the cover of Elle Magazine, her answer was delivered…

Listen in as Erin shares:

+ Her story from strung-out fashionista to blissed-out healer.

+ The huge amount of debt she incurred to chase her dreams but why she believes this was a necessary part of her growth and transformation.

+ How she discovered her soul service offering of ‘self-love’ and why, initially, she thought the whole idea was “gross”.

+ How she finds the faith to continually listen to and follow the guidance of her soul.

+ Why your “purpose” may not necessarily be super obvious.

+ How you can move with the divine flow of the Universe while also co-creating all that you desire.

Plus loads and loads more."