You Are Already Living Your Purpose

photo by Melodee Solomon photography

photo by Melodee Solomon photography

You are already living your purpose.


Experts and talk shows and blog posts and courses and books will have you believe it is something extra, unknown, and just out of your grasp.  The golden ticket that will bring everything into alignment.


We are here to:



& Grow.


We all have a unique curriculum, designed just for us.


You are already being delivered the exact experiences, relationships, and synchronicities to help you learn all that you need to learn.


There will be loss and pain.  Getting banged up is part of the deal. 


It is on the syllabus. 


You will also experience profound joy and moments of ecstasy. 


The way you receive and interpret either will depend on how much grace you can find in the moment.  Both have equal amounts to teach you. 


We have control of a couple of things.


You can choose some of the forms of your purpose-teacher, filmmaker, healer, mother, artist, director, designer, writer, therapist, dancer, waitress, athlete, etc.


You can change the form that your purpose takes or add new shapes and roles as you wish.  Some of these will be harder than others to actualize.  Fighting for what you need and want may be part of your learning. 


You can also choose the speed of your purpose.


Committed, inquisitive, curious, intent, steadfast, forward.


Or slow, feet dragging, blaming, mired in confusion, judgment and unfairness.


We usually do a combo of these two.


If the idea of choice and responsibility scares you, it is probably one of your lessons.


Others may include learning what is love and what is not love, learning that you are enough and always have been, learning about boundaries, learning about how to take care of yourself. 


Either way, you are right where you need to be. 


The timing is always Divine.  (Even when it doesn’t feel good.)


You are Loved. 


You are Watched Over.


Your guides and ancestors are here to help you. 


You can lean into your life with a little more trust and faith.


You can relax and breathe. 


You can love yourself a little more for all the fire you have walked through. 


You are doing a fantastic job at Life.


Gold Star.




Love you.