It's Getting Scarier to Stay Stuck Than Change

image from Serpent Fire tarot deck

image from Serpent Fire tarot deck

There is a kinetic feeling in the air-a little ungrounded, a little dangerous, a little chaotic.  I can feel it swirling around in the personality of the weather, the political wackiness, the act of violence in Orlando and inside myself. 


What we see out in the world is a magnified reflection of our internal experience.  Things continue to come to a head as the old ways no longer work.  Every previously buried, taboo, icky thing is being shoved out of the closet into the light. 


We can’t ignore what we don’t like if we want to grow.  We can’t avoid what makes us uncomfortable or what we don’t understand.  It is much easier to create separation and distance from us and them but we are them and they are us.  When you see the characters in the news, you are viewing the distorted boardwalk drawing caricatures of pieces of our internal shadow. 


When we have lessons to learn in life, the Universe approaches us with a feather.  It gently strokes us and whispers, “Hey my love, this is something you might want to pay attention to.”  If we avert our eyes long enough, the feather turns into a hammer and the voice turns into a shout. 


We can’t afford to be blind or apathetic or tired anymore.  There is too much at stake.  We are poised to leap, growing tired of standing at the cliff’s edge just looking at the pretty view and dreaming of better, different days. 


You are your own brighter day and it all depends on how willing you are to choose your life.  If something is leaving your life right now, whether it is an attitude, a thought form, a person, a job, an environment-GREAT.  Let it be easy.  Don’t make life have to pry it from your fingertips.  Being afraid of the unknown is becoming outdated.  It’s not the safety net that it once was.  Now staying static is what is becoming scary. 


We are receiving almost daily reminders of the preciousness, fragility and fleeting nature of life.  Remembering that we have limited time can be one of the most powerful motivators available to us.  What do you need to do to honor and engage with the life you’ve been given? 


Feel the desire inside.  Feel what your urges are asking you to do.  Feel the blood in your veins.  Feel the call to more aliveness-whatever that looks like for you. 


It doesn’t have to be dramatic.  Allow and surrender.  If it needs to be big, let it be big.  If it needs to be a baby ripple, let it echo softly. 


I am not a tarot reader but I received this beautiful Serpent Fire deck last week and it has been astonishingly accurate so far.  I asked the deck what we needed to know about working with these intense and rapidly shifting energies.  I really liked the answer and wanted to share it with you:


Ace of Wands-Seeking the Horizon


Keys:  Abundance, energy, new beginnings, transformation


Upright meaning:  A crystal ball hovers atop a volcano.  Inside the vision of the crystal ball is a flaming nebula.  What is taking place, or what is to come, is full of energy.  All things are shaken up and set on a new course.  Comfort zones are eradicated.  This is a great time to utilize the power and energy available at the turn of the tides-fresh, new, abundant energy, which is free to manipulate and use how we choose.


Shadow:  You may wish to bury your head in the sand, instead of jumping on board with this new flow.  You can only prolong the inevitable for a while, though.  Sooner or later you will have to surrender to the current. 


Mantra:  I am excited for what’s to come. 


Love you.