Your Warrior Resume-how to manage fear of the unknown



I started to wonder recently why I was seeing a lot of people around me talking about fear and contracting before expanding and why I wasn’t relating to it.  It made me really take a look at my relationship with fear.  I realized that I am not afraid because I trust myself to be able to stand with anything that comes my way in life.


I am afraid of the dark sometimes, I get nervous almost every time I teach, and I am fairly terrified before having a big “talk” with someone I care about.  But I am not afraid of the future.


I have a high comfort level with risk, a healthy curiosity about the void and I periodically create good friendly life shakeups just because I like to stretch myself.  This is only because throughout my life I have proved to myself that I can get the job, make the money, create a life, meet new people, and move through all of the pain. 


A lot of people have fear around change and being afraid of what’s to come.  In this time of rapid energy shifts and personal and planetary vibrational upgrades, things are moving fast.  It can feel wild and chaotic.  I get it.  It’s nutty out there. 


I am the common denominator in my life.  You are the common denominator in your life.  I have gone through a hell of a lot and I am still standing.  You have gone through a hell of a lot and you are still standing.  And if you can get through everything you’ve moved through in your life, you have a Warrior Resume. 


This is part of mine:


I can get sliced open to straighten my back and heal and learn to focus on opening my heart rather than bending my spine.


I can move to another country where I only know a handful of people and thrive and speak in body language and be understood wherever I go.


I can move to a small town where I know no one to discover who I am when I am just me.


I can have my heart drop kicked by someone I thought was my forever person and go on to love deeply again and again, choosing with more wisdom every time.


I can have the air and blood sucked out of me by shock and loss and injustice and find new reserves of strength, gifts and somehow be able to open to life even more.


I can start a business from a seed with white knuckles, hustle and debt that grows into a thriving exploration for myself and the people I work with.


I can walk the road alone for what feels like too long knowing that my soul family is walking towards me with every step.


I can surprise myself by encountering things that I can do that are way outside of the way I think, "I am."


Your Warrior Resume is a list of all the to hell and back events that you have weathered, learned from and grown from.  Often when we get through something, we forget how much was asked of us to be able to make it through.  We forget the bravery and grace that we called up to be able to meet and handle a situation.  We forget how well we soothed ourselves.  We forget about the new skills and resources we had to develop in order to survive. 


It becomes part of our past and not always something that we necessarily want to remember because there is pain attached to it.  When you are able to look back at the timeline of your life and fully acknowledge everything you’ve gone through, you’ve got exhibit A, B, C, and D as solid facts of how incredible you are. 


You did it.  Here you are.  Chiseled.  Honed.  Polished. 


You only become a diamond through withstanding pressure and friction. 


Many people stand at the edge of the cliff, peering over periodically, seeing the void and saying I just can't.  They stand there until all the fear drains away and along with it, all of the passion fight and drive.  As the fuel for the big leap tank drains into the ground around them, regret and apathy take its place.  Lamenting about what could have been.


We take for granted some of the most precious gifts we've been granted-healthy bodies, bright minds and first world privileges.  We have the time to dwell on whether or not to act because most of us aren't preoccupied with struggling to find food and shelter.


It breaks my heart to see brilliant beings paralyzed by fear.


You are scared because it matters.  Your life matters.  Your choices matter. 


You know what really terrifies me?  One day bleeding into the next.  Heart numbing routine.  Not speaking up. Not stepping forward. 


We have a Super New Moon Full Solar Eclipse tonight at 8:54pm EST.  We are currently in a birth canal portal of change and intensity.  This eclipse connects us to our past-all of the strengths we have collected through trial by fire and the tender parts that still need a little love.  The planets align to help us heal and transform the wounds of our past. 


When we clear the debris of past pain, it creates a cleaner relationship with yourself, your experience of the world and those you connect with.  You have a chance to retell your story as the Victor, not the Victim.  You are still here, you are still strong, and you are wildly alive. 


Walk forward with your crown on, fully sovereign in your life.