Pure + Wild Journal Interview



It's been ten years since I quit my corporate fashion job and dived into the world of healing.  I wanted to share this interview because it's so important for people to know that it is very possible to leave the 9-5 and forge your own path.  More and more of us are doing this and creating wild success and freedom in our lives.  If you have a dream, follow it.  It's the some of the hardest but best work I've ever done to walk this road.  

Nathalie of Pure + Wild Journal interviews me about how I quit my corporate job and started doing healing work, how my personal evolution informs my work and who is inspiring me right now, among other great questions! 

Q: You changed professions from working in the fashion industry to working as a healer. Can you tell us about what influenced this change of course?

A: I was losing it. I had the first and only panic attack of my life after months of being worked to the bone. The environment where I was working was not conducive to being a human being. I was exhausted and uninspired. Many circumstances aligned to show me that how I was spending my time needed to change. I had two big wakeup calls when I realized how my profession was affecting my health and after Hurricane Katrina when I realized how ridiculous it was to be pushing $10,000 handbags when there were people struggling to survive. 

It still took me about six months of praying and asking the Universe to help me find a new direction before the idea of acupuncture school landed in my path.

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