Introducing Me + My Passion Manifesto



I don't know when it started but at some point a while ago, when people would ask me what I 'do', I had a difficult time answering. To say I am an acupuncturist was not enough. To list my credentials didn't really communicate what I do either. So I decided to move into a fuller space and a larger and ever evolving definition of self.


I am Erin Telford. I help people. I do this through the heart and the body. I use many tools to help you connect to you.  I am here to help you remember yourself, reach within, and connect to your inner wisdom and guidance. There are many points of entry to your heart-acupuncture, Reiki, Breathwork, crystals, therapeutic conversation, lifestyle counseling, sound, energy clearing, the list goes on and I'm leaving it nice and open so there is a lot of room for creativity and intuition. Thank you for being here with me. You will see my URL; logo and FB and IG handle has changed. Still me. Still you. Very excited for what’s to come.


Less than two months ago I was standing in front of a path of burning coals getting ready to walk on fire for the first time.  We all chose a word that we wanted to represent our new year.  Everyone chanted it at the top of their lungs as we took those first steps onto the path.  Mine was Passion. 


Passion is defined as an intense desire and barely controllable emotion and enthusiasm.  As I move into this next stage of my self and my practice, it felt good to define how I’m going to work this word into my world this year. 


I'm passionate about people waking up, getting out of auto pilot mind, questioning everything they know, smashing paradigms and everything they think about "the way things are." I'm passionate about personal responsibility and inner authority and you being your best doctor.


I'm passionate about new ways to look at depression and anxiety and mental health.  With six years in healthcare and a lifetime of paying attention, I see a lot of over medicated people that are still hurting and still depressed.  There is so much that is wrong with the way our society functions that makes it very hard for people in pain to get help that heals and doesn't just blunt pain.   I know there are other ways and I’m passionate about finding them. 


I'm passionate about the female body and sexual energy and movement and expression.  The Divine Feminine is present and growing. 


I'm passionate about our emotions and being able to feel them without shame and being brave enough to excavate our shadow because that's how we become whole human beings.


I’m passionate about helping people make brave clear decisions because I know they can.  If you want your life to be different, you must make new choices.  All new roads begin with clear commitment. 


I’m passionate about helping people change the way they speak about themselves.  We can either diminish or build up our precious self worth with the language we use.  In one day of working with women, these are some of the words I hear them casually use to describe themselves-psycho, crazy, stupid, broken.  That was just yesterday.  Disempowering language affects us on a cellular level.  Our words have the strength to build up or tear down. 


I'm passionate about women finally listening to themselves and smashing through that tight little box that keeps them from asking for what they want and deserve and keeping quiet so they don’t scare him/her/them away.  When you do take the lid off, the full force of your oppression roars out and you know how that story goes. 


I’m passionate about changing the paradigm around feeling bad = bad and feeling good = good.  It’s all a continuum of emotions.  We go through so many moods and feelings within a day.  They are all informative.  No one feels anything for no reason.  We may not be able to connect to the why because we are in the swirl. 


I’m passionate about people realizing that our next stage of growth is knowing that you are your connection to Source and Love, not the videos you watch or the books you read or the retreats you go on or the workshops you attend. It's you. You loving you. You attending to you. To your needs, your wants, your desires, your creative surges and urges, your souls beckoning, your emotional rhythms, your connection to the natural world and the Divine. You are not one size fits all.


No one is lost or stuck for long when they are relentlessly loving themselves, paying attention to their interior world, moving their body regularly and filling up with nourishing foods. You are the answer to all the questions. You can search all you want outside but the final yes or no or plan of action can only be found in your heart. We resist mightily from going inside. What will we find there? Ages of pain? Sure. Maybe. Sort through those like it's your only job.  Because it really is. We are only here to grow, heal and love.  Sit with the depth of all that is you and ask. You are the authority. You are the guru. You are the holder of your heart's vast wisdom.


I’m passionate about helping people go within and navigate their inner world without fear.  We can’t be afraid of ourselves anymore.  We can’t be afraid to investigate and excavate in service of greater peace and enjoyment of this one precious life.