Do You Know What You Want?




Two things that need to be left behind in 2015:

1.    Thinking that New Year’s resolutions need to be about losing weight, saving money or anything else that feels like a total drag

2.    Bemoaning Mercury Retrograde


These are two collective thoughts that gotta go for 2016.  They are unempowering and they are old news.  So 2015.


We do have a beautiful collective agreement that a New Year is a fresh start.  That always feels good.  The idea that some how, some way, there is a chance to leave behind all of the bad bits and welcome in all the good stuff. 


So let me ask you-have you decided what you want more of in 2016?


If this year is going to be the greatest year of your life to date-what would be happening and what needs to be different? 


Would that mean you meet your beloved?  Leave a stagnant relationship?  Develop a really compassionate dialogue with your body and your heart?  Take that trip you’ve been talking about for years?  Move to a new environment (apartment, neighborhood, city, maybe even country!) that suits you?  Leave the 9-5 behind and strike out on your own?  Cultivate more stillness and peace within?  Change your beliefs about who you can be? 


I like to call my resolutions ‘intentions’ because it takes the stern puritanical b.s. vibes out of the equation.  There should never be anything on your intentions list that doesn’t light you up.  You should look at your list like, “HELL YEAH, I can’t wait for all of this stuff to show up!”


There is no better time than now to look at your life.  There is a lot of magic on offer this year and we can’t tap into it unless we are clear about our desires.  What would you like? 


We emerged into our new year on the heels of the beginning of Mercury Retrograde.  Rather than having a ‘shot out of a cannon’ feeling, we are easing into these first few weeks of the year.  Mercury Retrograde gives us the opportunity to slow down, retrace our steps, review, and reflect.  If you are encountering tech glitches or transportation delays, GREAT.  You have been granted extra down time. 


My recommendation is to take this entire retrograde period (ending 1/25) to give some focus and attention to your life.  This will give you all the information you need to lay a deeply fertile and fresh foundation for your year. 


“Honest reviews renew our relationships to our lives. Honest reviews can produce a real and sustainable liberation from what keeps us tied to self-destructive drama. Honest reviews of how we work can interrupt the fast trains of progress hell bent on driving us over the edge towards exhaustion of our resources.”

~ Chani Nicholas


Take a look at how you are living.  Take a look at how you are thinking.  Take a look at how you are behaving.  Take a look at how you are contributing.  Take a look at how you are speaking.  Take a look at what you are believing. 


Once you know exactly what you want, you can begin to play with some changes that need to be made to get you closer to your target.  Your world will not change without your participation.  If you want a completely different year, you will want to change the way you think and the way you take action. 


We often hurry along with no pauses, no breaks to stop and think about how we might be living in a habitual way, rather than with conscious intention.  Take some time to sort through your life and identify what is draining your life force and what is providing nutrition.  Remember, every new beginning comes with an ending. 


My Five Steps For Calling In Your Best Year Yet!


1.    Get crystal clear on what you want to bring into your world and write it down

2.    Identify what it will feel like when you receive everything you want (ex. Joy, relief, excitement, peaceful, inspired, expansive) and feel those emotions in your body as often as possible

3.    Take inspired action to meet the Universe half way

4.    Be patient knowing that your desires have been heard but may not appear on your timeline.  The Universe may bring you even more than you asked for as it always operates on the idea of giving you what you asked or something even better!

5.    Get to work on your shadow to dissolve any gremlin voices of self doubt or negative beliefs that will block all the abundance that is on its way to you!