Crystals for Creativity, Love & Abundance

Photo by erin telford

Photo by erin telford

I’ve always loved shiny, pretty things so it’s not a surprise that I’ve always been drawn to crystals.  I’ve been collecting them and (salivating over them!) for a while now but only recently started “working” with them. 


Working with a crystal is about cultivating a relationship with it.  It’s about understanding the unique properties that each rock has and spending quality time with it.  People say that whatever crystal you are seeking is also seeking you.  You can use your intuition to find the right crystal for where you are in your life.  You can also research crystals that have the particular energies that you want to develop. 


There are a bunch of ways you can get closer to your crystals.  My favorite way is to sleep with one under my pillow and see how it impacts my dreams and infuses its qualities into my life.  You can also carry it in your pocket, meditate with it, place it next to your bedside, or *infuse your water with the crystal and drink it in.  *Some crystals contain toxic substances or dissolve in water so make sure to Google or check the Crystal Bible before you decide to make crystal water.


These are three of my favorite stones that I think everyone should have in their tool kit.  I started working with them this year and have had amazing results!


Labradorite for Creativity

I really wanted to call in the gift of automatic writing this year and Labradorite is perfect for that!  If you’ve ever enjoyed the sensation-however fleeting-of having just the right words pour out of you onto the page, you know what automatic writing feels like.  Your body is the divine vessel and inspiration is just flooding in from above and out through your fingertips.  It’s one of the best feelings ever.  The legend of Labradorite from the Inuit culture is that it fell from the frozen fire of the Northern Lights.  It is fascinating to stare into.  It is a stone of healers and seekers of divine guidance and knowledge.  It is protective as you explore other realms of your consciousness, aids you in self-discovery, and awakens your intuition. 


I started to sleep with this stone under my pillow in late winter/early spring and my newsletter open rates went up 5%!  No joke.  Whatever Labradorite was helping me bring through was a lot more interesting to you than what I was writing about before! 


Rose Quartz for Love

Rose Quartz is pretty much a crystal that everyone should have.  This is a basic crystal tool kit item.  Rose Quartz is a stone of Unconditional Love.  It has calming, tender, nurturing, healing, peaceful energy.  It goes straight to the Heart Chakra to dissolve wounds, create deeper intimacy in current relationships, attract love, and to help you love yourself.  If you are feeling lonely, sad, or your self-talk has reached new levels of unkindness, this is one you will want by your bedside.  If you are calling in your next love, this is perfect for you.  It’s also very helpful if you have bad dreams or trouble sleeping. 


I like to combine Rose Quartz with Morganite under my pillow.  It has sweetened my dreams and given me some wild previews of my soul mate! 


Citrine for Abundance

Citrine is a gorgeous gold stone of success, personal power and good fortune.  One of my favorite qualities of citrine is that it is one of 2 or 3 stones in the world that never need to be cleaned because they never absorb any negative energy.  It combats and breaks up this kind of energy and can be great to use in a tense family or work environment.  Citrine brings joy, self-confidence, and mental clarity.  It’s also great for dream work so it could be a fun one to put under your pillow. 


I bought a Citrine a month ago and I have savings in the bank for the first time in probably a decade.  Or more.  I can’t even remember the last time I had savings so however long that is.  Yes, I have been putting in work but the Citrine magnified it!  I carry mine in my pocket with me.

Let me know what your favorites are below!