How To Navigate September Energy

If you dissolved into a bucket of tears with last Saturday’s Super Full Moon, you are not alone.  I took a trip to spend some solo time with the Big Mother (aka the ocean), as the moon reached it’s fullest.  My emotions peaked with it and I was rocked and soothed by the eternal in and out swish of the waves. 


We are coming in hot to September. 


The cosmic winds are here and we are well served by moving gracefully with this change.  There is an acupuncture point for that exact purpose that I use frequently.  If you massage the outer edges of your occiput you will find it.  Greet it tenderly for a little on the go technology you can use to find some ease. 


We have 2 more back-to-back Super Moons coming up this month.   A Super Moon is super because it is closest to the earth and appears extra large.  The closer to the earth, the more impact its energy will have on us. 


September 13th brings us a Super New Moon Solar Eclipse and September 27th brings us a Super Full/Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  Whoa.  Eclipses act like shepherds for our lives.  If we are moving thoughtfully and consciously, they may give us a little nudge back to the path of our high self.  If we have been closing our eyes to reality and back pedaling away from what we don’t want to see, eclipses can present us with something that feels more like a shove. 


Eclipses show us the way back home and direct us to the path of our highest growth.  They are a call for change.  Only you know what this needs to be in your life.  Hint:  It’s usually the thing that scares you the most or the thing you keep putting off. 


Our personal and planetary vibration is steadily rising and big shifts in awareness, consciousness, and intuition are available this month.  You may be feeling “weird” or untethered and that is okay.  Grounding practices and spending time in nature are the prescription if you feel like you need extra steadiness.  Here are few other ways to work with this energy:


Clean House

Take this literally and metaphorically.  If you haven’t Konmari’d, get to it.  If you haven’t heard of her, take this piece of her philosophy to heart-If it doesn’t spark joy or isn’t practical, get rid of it.  Clear your home of all items that don’t have the highest resonance with the current iteration of you.  This is part of your energy cleaning process.  You can direct this outwardly to other environments you are in frequently and to your relationships as well.  Who in your life feels like nutrition?  Who drains you?  Who allows you to be yourself exactly as you are? 


Take a personal inventory

What are your values and priorities?  Could you name them out loud?  And are you living your life and spending your time according to what is most meaningful to you?  Do you feel capable of weathering the storms of your life and navigating change?  Your interior life comes into focus this month.  Getting comfortable and delighted by the time you spend with you is assurance that you will be fine wherever you go.  Be your own steady.  Be your own best friend.  Be the love of your life. 


Ground & meditate

Meditation is getting to be a non negotiable for the pace of life on planet Earth.  That mind full of thoughts that just won’t stop when you sit down and try to meditate?  Guess what?  That is how your mind is All The Time.  You only notice it when you sit down to observe it.  The only way to slow it down is to attend to it and look for the spaces between the thoughts.  Start with two minutes a day of deep breathing.  Or go lay outside in the dirt while it’s still warm


Receive a healing treatment

Keep your vibes high and clear by receiving energy work.  This can be acupuncture, Reiki, Breathwork or any other type of energetic clearing, moving, and cleansing.  We all need periodic energetic maintenance to make sure we are functioning at full capacity.  We are not machines.  We lodge physical and emotional stress in our nervous systems, organs, muscles, bones and energy fields.  Choose your favorite method and soothe yourself. 



Above all, forever and always, love yourself.  Be gentle and kind with yourself.  You are not crazy, f*cked up, or a mess.  This may be what has been reflected back to you by the outside world.  When people don’t have space for their own pain, they don’t have space for yours either.  Our emotions are rarely met with the tenderness and understanding that we crave so we shove them down or make ourselves wrong for feeling them.  Acknowledge yourself.  Use every feeling of discomfort and pain as an opportunity to love yourself even more.