An Unlikely Buddha Moment with My Dad




I had a game changing conversation with my Dad last week that I wanted to share with you. 


He delivered a question and answer to me that felt so profound that I knew you would benefit from hearing it. 


Have you ever been out in the world and had a total stranger deliver a piece of life changing wisdom to you?  I hope you have.  Gifts from the Universe come disguised in very interesting packages sometimes. 


My Dad was the unlikely Buddha in this instance.  We have been up and down and through the ringer together and have reached a really solid, loving place.  He is one of my strongest supporters these days.  He reads this newsletter faithfully and thoughtfully comments on pieces he likes.  It hasn’t always been this way so it is extra special that it is this way now. 


So, we are having a conversation where I’m telling him about some situation where I still feel like I am lacking self confidence and have more “work” to do. 


He cut off me off mid sentence and said: 


"Now don't get all emotional on me but what is it going to take for you to feel good about yourself? You are a whole person!"


His Leo Sun (his personality) spoke to my Leo Moon (my emotional needs) and encapsulated in two sentences the paradigm shift from the Wounded Healer to the Conscious Lightworker that many spiritual leaders are speaking about right now.  It’s not his world but he nailed it.  I think he was channeling some higher wisdom for me.  Go Dad. 


Then he proceeded to list about 20 things that were great about me.  The whole time I had half an ear to the wonderful, kind things that he was saying and the other half was screaming but what about all the work I have to do?  What about my inner child?  What about all of the wounds that need tending to???


I wouldn't allow myself permission to fully embody all of the amazing pieces of me because of what still needs healing. 


Then the dam broke and the tears came.  The line in the sand was drawn.  I finally got it.  I could take it in.  I AM a whole person.  I AM healed.  This is what's true.  


If you can think of this as a literal question-What is it going to take? -You can see that you really need nothing else.  Because what is it going to take?  Five more therapy sessions?  An award?  A perfectly decorated apartment?  A new outfit?  An apology? 


You are healed and whole right now.  There will always be more opportunities for you to choose differently, to rise from the ashes, to connect to your Higher self, to treat a trigger with love and take a different action. 


That will never go away.  You can cut the umbilical cords to the pain of the past right now.  In this moment you can make a choice to allow something else to feed you.  You can draw a line in the sand.


If you cling to the story that you are broken or flawed, you will never feel powerful and vital.  If you always think about “the work” that needs to be done, you will never feel whole.  Backtracking to the pain can create an easy out for living right here, right now. 


You are here right now.  You are whole right now.  You are healed right now. 


Put down the burden.  You are a conscious person so you will never stop the self-introspection.  You will never stop the investigation and the pursuit.  You can do it through a different lens though.  One of fullness, acceptance and curiosity rather than wounded or damaged. 


In the words of my amazing teacher Cherie, declare yourself ENOUGH!