Your Anxiety Has a Message For You




I saw eleven people in a row this week with the same lament.   Anxiety + fear of the unknown + fear of breaking out of social norms. 


It was too many to ignore.  This collective consciousness thing is the real deal.  We all roll with its rhythms in our own way. 


Anxiety can come when we hear the whispers of our truth but we don’t feel ready to hear them.  Listening to your heart requires a level of faith that you may not have or know how to find.  It asks you to take responsibility for your life.  It asks you to do the work that must be done to get to the other side.  Joy and freedom lay on the other side but the weary traveller can just throw their hands up and stay put. 


I’ve got a weird quality that was earned by walking through the fire and getting banged up by life.  I don’t fear the unknown.  I get nervous sometimes.  I experience anxiety too.  But I am not afraid of what’s to come.  I trust it will be exactly as it needs to be. 


Some of the worst things that can happen have already happened and I have lived through them.  I’m sure there will be more and that is life.  “Bad” things will happen and exceedingly good things will happen.  I will be brought to my knees again and I will feel the absolute complete ecstasy of life again.  It’s all part of it.  You don’t get one without the other. 


If you can count on “bad” things happening, then the fear of the unknown pretty much evaporates.  I am putting bad in quotes because much of what we think of as “bad” is actually a perfectly timed evolutionary step for you.  There is a beginning contained in every ending.  The pain contains gold.  It’s yin and yang.  The void always holds a reward for the brave seeker who has their eyes open to it. 


We think leaving a job is bad when there is no glory for spending the majority of your week in misery.  Yes, give something your time and sincere effort before you make a new choice.  You are not a worker robot.  Your talents are needed where you feel alive.


We think breakups are bad when they are an opportunity to break up with all of your prior relationship patterns.  What always happens to you?  How do you treat yourself in relationship?  What do you believe about love that makes it hard to find it’s way to you?  Break up with THAT. 


We think death is bad when death is something that will happen to all of us.   Death is painful.  There is no way around that.  But death also resurrects life.  Death reminds the living that they are still here.  And if you are still here, what the hell are you going to do about it? 


Rattle your cage my dear.


These are spiritual calls to action and reinvention.


This anxiety that is bubbling up has something to say to you.  Anxiety needs other emotions to use as fuel for its insanity fire.  If you can sit with it for just a few minutes and listen in, you will find something out.  It might be revelatory.  It might just be some good old brass tacks information. 


I need greater intimacy in my life. 

I’ve stopped making art and I really need to create to feel whole. 

This city/job/relationship doesn’t work for me. 


There is a New Moon in Cancer tonight at 9:24pm EDT.  This moon calls for you to allow your soul to tell you the truth and it’s asking you to listen to it.  Emotions are high, high, high!  There is such a great opportunity for making conscious choices about how you want to move forward in your life. 


New Moons are new beginnings and if you work with this particular one, you can make some new emotional commitments to yourself.  Let all of your emotions come up and out and flood you in service of an emotional clearing.  There is much that you don’t have to hold anymore-for yourself or for people you love. 


Baptize yourself with your tears and begin again.