Out Create Yourself!




The energy is moving fast and furious these days.  You can see this clearly in the outside world-gay marriage becoming legal in all 50 states, confederate flags being taken out of big box corporate stores, the shadow of racism, rape culture and gender fluidity being pulled out of the closet and into the light.  So much is on the table right now that was hidden in the background for so long. 


We as individuals are tiny slices of the Universe.  As above, so below.  You may be experiencing your own leaps and bounds of growth.  It may feel like it is easier to manifest and call things into your world where it felt stuck for so long.  You may suddenly feel Ready for something, even if you can’t put your finger on it.  It may just feel exciting and anticipatory. 


The Solstice marked the first day of Summer.  The longest and brightest day of sunlight put a personal spotlight on each of us.  How is this feeling for you?  Did the light hit your eyes and you wanted to squirm away?  Did you confidently embrace the shine and know you were ready for your close up?


The Full Moon tonight joins the summer sun to illuminate a new path and a new way of existing for us.  It’s always a transitional time when the seasons change.  We move from the seed stage of spring to the full bloom of summer. 


There is an opportunity right now for a phenomenal level of growth if you can turn around and face yourself.  We all crave this deep witnessing and acknowledgement of what is incredibly special about us.  Shame can make us hide our light and constrict our energy, preventing the connection that we need so badly. 


Summer is the season of the Heart and the Fire Element.  What do you no longer need that you can release to the fire?  Indecision?  Self doubt?  Powerlessness?  Lack of trust in yourself?  Fear?


This is a perfect time to out create your former limitations.  I sang acapella in front of a group two weeks ago and did my first assisted headstand in the center of the room last week.  I could barely recognize myself in these moments.  You do the work and do the work and do the work to create a solid foundation to move from and then BOOM!  One day you respond differently to situation that would have taken you out in the past.  Your stamina surprises you.  Your vulnerability surprises you. 


This is out creation.  Expanding beyond your current container.  Stretching farther and wider and bigger than you could have imagined was possible.  We are SO much more than we know! 


Know what you want and put your words into action.  What is your offering to the Universe to show you mean business?  Trust in something larger than you.  Your guides, your loved ones without physical bodies, the elementals, your animal totems, your higher power-these can all cradle you as you rebirth yourself. 


If you don’t want to be stuck in a rut, you don’t have to be.  It’s your choice to make a move or play the waiting game.  Conscious behavior around our emotions is very important right now.  We can cloak them in confusion and claims that ‘we don’t know why we feel this way’. 


Find out.  Dig in.  Ask yourself the tough questions.  Are your environments healthy for you?  Are your relationships nurturing and growth oriented?  What are you putting in your body?  Are you moving your body?  Are you connected with something greater than yourself? 


Anything can happen right now!  What new habits and thought forms can you bring into your life to add lushness and enjoyment to it?  How good are you willing to let it get?