Where Are You Not Telling The Truth?



As we continue to slowly sift through our underworld material during this Mercury Retrograde, (how do I want to spend my time and with who, who am I becoming/who have I been, what am I letting go of/what am I receiving) the signs are readily available. I've found that they are coming fast and furious. In this stop/go, fast/slow kind of vibe, if you can just take notice of where your attention is landing, you are going to receive some really cool sound bites and messages.


What are you reading, watching and listening to? Where are you going or not going? Whatever you are drawn to right now contains valuable bits of insight.


One big question I am called to this week is “where are you not telling the truth?”


This could be not telling the truth to yourself.  We’ve got endless ways of fooling ourselves with this one.  Endless diversions and tricks and clever ways of avoiding feelings.  I do it too.  Turn on the TV.  Eat some ice cream.  Create some distance from the source of the discomfort. 


Our body knows when we aren’t telling the truth.  It’s tired.  Uninspired.  Inhibited.  There is a nagging feeling of discontent or restlessness. 


It’s a biological imperative to move away from pain.  It’s natural to avoid the things that make us hurt and go towards the things that bring us pleasure.  The catch is that when we stuff all the truth that we aren’t saying in a tightly wound little spot (often in our chest or throat or jaw), we don’t get to completely revel in all the joy. 


There’s a little bit of a smudge on it because we know we are not in total integrity with ourselves. 


When you tell the truth to yourself or to someone else, things have to change.  You will always survive but the relationship may not.  The job might not.  The home might not.  The whole dynamic might have to crumble to be rebuilt on a firmer foundation. 


Whatever is not authentic and honest is not sustainable.  It’s also taking up valuable currency in your life.  This could be space occupied by more supportive friendships, growth oriented and aware lovers, a brighter way to spend your days, a more pleasing way of moving about in the world. 


Is there a relationship that you have in your life where if you owned your deepest truth in the kindest way, that something might have to change?  Is there a place you exist in right now that does not nourish you and it’s just become habit?  Is there a mental pattern that you continue to go back to that isn’t true for you anymore? 


Turn on your attention.  As Mercury goes direct on 6/11, you may be served up an epiphany or two.  Watch your world.  Watch your thoughts.  See if some dots connect.  Stay open.  Know your truth.   

Run towards what makes you come alive.  Enjoy the freedom that comes with aligning your values, words and action.   Live bigger and louder.  


If it’s been intense, it’s meant to be.  Life has to turn up the heat sometimes to alchemize us.  Love to you and your process!