New Moon New You

I’ve been digging deep into the Law of Attraction over the last couple of weeks.  I finally found a book that laid it all out in a way that was intriguing and made sense in plain language.  Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks is the jam.  It is a book that is almost entirely channeled (aka written with Esther’s hands but delivered to her consciousness via Abraham).  It’s basically a book written by a group of loving, supportive non-physical beings that want to tell us exactly how to connect to Source energy and manifest our desires. 


They say we can have anything we want as long as we hold our desires as our focus and dissolve all resistance to receiving them.  As I have been reading this book, I started to realize how true this is as I look at my own life.


I have been paying very close attention to how I phrase things in my life around things that I want.  I make wishes every month on the New Moon and continue to be astounded that at least half of them come true.  I watch how I speak to myself around outcomes, around goals and around possibility. 


It’s working. 


As I lay in the park-a block away from the apartment that had all but two items on the 20-point dream checklist + one mega amazing thing that I didn’t even dare wish for-I surveyed my life.  I realized that everything I have created in my life has been a result of believing it to be possible, holding space for it to come, desiring it with all my heart, and asking for it.  My practice, my friendships, my family, my physical health, my career opportunities and a general feeling that everything’s going to be all right. 


I don’t have superpowers.  It’s about brain and heart training.  I know you can call in all the joy.


Today at exactly 10:05am EST we have a New Moon in Gemini.  This is your opportunity to take a look at how YOU are speaking to yourself.  What are the stories you tell yourself about your life?  How do you frame the experiences you’ve had-both the awful and the wonderful?  What are the words you choose to describe yourself and the people around you? 


Language is powerful and it forms the lens that we choose to view our experience through.  The difference between a total disaster and a wild adventure is your perspective.  What will you choose? 


Notice if you are stuck in a rut with your thinking.  Have you out created yourself but are still stuck in the thought patterns of the old you?  I have this incredible client who retired early from a job that she knew was going to kill her.  She’s spent the last few decades working 80-hour weeks in a state of permanent fight or flight. 


I asked her to throw the concept of “I’m the kind of person who….” out of the window when we started working together.  If you are on this path of growth, you’ve been rapidly evolving this year.  You are no longer “the kind of person who…” Notice yourself.  What is possible for the new you?  What qualities have you gained and lost? 


The way we say what we say emerges from our beliefs about life.  The stories we spin draw a certain kind of life into our web.  Watch your story to see how your life is created.  You have the power to choose a different spin from moment to moment. 


We’ve also got the first day of summer this Sunday!  The Summer Solstice is the longest period of daylight of the year.  It illuminates and super powers the New Moon we have today.  It also shifts us into the season of the Heart and the Fire Element. 


Summer is all about connecting with others, blooming open and delighting in the sensual pleasures of the season.  This week we are invited to connect, to open, and to let ourselves be seen.  This is a perfect time to:


Make 10 wishes (before 6pm 6/16 is most auspicious).  Feel in your body what it would feel like if each one came true.  Include a wish for the world.

Revamp your online dating profile, painting a visual picture of who you are and what your perfect day would be like.

Designate one day a week for no complaining and no gossip.  This is not a bite your tongue day.  This is a look for the good in people and situations day. 

Open to rampant, ruthless, no holds barred self-love.  Open to receiving the same from others.