The Forgiveness Prayer

This prayer is very helpful for you to clear the strong emotions connected with anyone you are feeling discord with in your life.  You can do one person at a time.  Wave the white flag.  


Creates space, openness and healing potential between you and someone you may have a painful, sticky, contentious, uncomfortable, unresolved or otherwise can't get them out of your head relationship with. This prayer can be used for anyone-family members, ex or current partners, friends, lovers, kids, pets. It has a similar energy to a decording practice. It clears and cleans the energy within the relationship whether you are currently speaking to the person or not, whether they are alive on the physical plane or not. It will lift and lighten your energy and feelings around the relationship and create new possibility for how you connect with each other or enable you to move on. This prayer was given to me by one of my teachers and it's been incredibly healing for me.


Say the entire prayer out loud 5 times in a row (or for 5 mins if you really want to go for it!) for 21 days. 

Forgiveness Prayer:

The spirit within me forgives the spirit within _____. The spirit within _____ forgives the spirit within me. All is well between us now. We are both forgiven.


If there is any familial or ancestral involvement, use this version (ex. If you are using the prayer for a family member or a partner where your families have been involved with each other):

The spirit within me and my family forgives the spirit within _____ and _____'s family. The spirit within _____ and _____'s family forgives the spirit within me and my family. All is well between us now. We are both forgiven.