10 Keys to Self Healing

The energy out there the past few days has felt a little wacky, sludgy and irritable.  Confusion and foggy minds abound during Mercury Retrograde periods.  You may also be experiencing astonishing clarity around things that may have eluded you in the past. 


Wherever you are, well, there you are.  I’m here to help you weather the storm and potentially enjoy yourself a little bit more.  I have ten keys to self-healing to soothe your weary heart. 


I would love to hear which ones you try, which are your favorites and what the results were!


1.  Breathwork

This method of self-healing has been so profound for me in processing grief and rage.  It’s also allowed me to be able to be seen, heard and receive in a completely new way.  I am forever changed by this powerful modality so it sits at the top of my list.  It is astonishing in that you are only using two things-your physical vessel and your breath.  It moves mountains emotionally and clears things that you may not even realize are blocked.  My next group is this Friday and I do individual sessions in person or via Skype. 


2.  Nature

Stepping onto the beach or into the park or a forest instantly soothes your nervous system.  Walking with bare feet on the Earth connects you to the heartbeat of the planet and tones down the fight or flight reflex.  Plants release phytochemicals that bolster our immune systems.  Oceans, waterfalls and mountains bathe us in negative ions that boost our serotonin, relieving stress, lifting our moods and increasing feelings of vitality. 


3.  Move your body

We store our issues in our tissues.  We are not meant to sit in chairs for eight hours a day.  Perfectionism, bracing for the other shoe to drop and over responsibility hang out in our neck and traps.  Fear likes the low back.  Indecision and confusion can linger in the hips and sides of the legs.  Moving the body in your favorite way brings strength alleviates pain and releases creative ideas. 


4.  Food as medicine

If you are feeling chaos in your mind or low, check and see what you are eating.   Low vibration foods can create low vibration states.   Clean, live, whole, organic, local, ethically sourced foods can assist you in feeling highly nurtured, vital, and stable.  Processed, chemical laden foods can make you feel sluggish, heavy, and bummed out about yourself. 


5.  Faith

It does not matter what you believe in but it is important to believe in something.  It does not matter what you call your something-God, Mother Earth, The Universe, Higher Power, Something Greater Than Me.  It only matters that you know you are not alone.  It’s important to be able to call on your guides or your something bigger than you when you need help.  It’s important to know that you are so supported in this world and that you have many beings at your back.  You can call on your people from the other side, call on your ancestors, call on your angels.  They are there to help.  They are just hanging out waiting for you to ask. 


6.  Creativity

Creative expression is powerful for self healing because it takes the load of swirling thoughts and articulates them out to paper, canvas, fabric, your voice, your body, an instrument.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, you can try doing morning pages to vent clogged up feelings.  In the spacey place between being asleep and being fully awake, try free writing for 1-3 pages and see what comes up.  This is not meant to make any sense or be for anyone else’s eyes.  It’s simply a heart purge.  You might be surprised by what comes up! 


7.  Forgiveness

So much obsessive thinking and anger can be alleviated by forgiveness.  Forgiving someone is never about excusing the behavior or the wrongdoing.  It is about cutting you loose from the toxicity of going over it in your mind and body over and over.  It hurts us deeply when we hold resentment.  The Forgiveness Prayer is a magical tool for creating space between you and someone else. 


8.  Laughter & fun

Laughter has unbelievable health benefits!  It lowers stress hormones, boosts your immune system, decreases pain, eases anxiety, softens and lightens your mood, relaxes the whole body and releases endorphins.  Whoa.  That is a powerful drug.  Fun is the new healing.  Get into it. 


9.  Connect to your heart

What’s really going on with you?  I hear this A LOT:  “I’m depressed, angry, anxious for no reason.”  Trust me, there is always a reason.  We don’t feel things for no reason.  We feel things because we are receiving signals to our spirit to look under the hood and find out where this emotional expression is coming from so we can get to the root.  Honor your emotions and your body consciousness 


10.  Be a giver

When we feel like we have nothing, giving to others can fill us up.  You want to be careful that you are not giving to others and ignoring yourself as a default mode.  Normally you want to be full yourself and give your overflowing energetic cup to others.  If you are low, you may try offering a helping hand to someone and see how it feels to increase joy and peace in someone else’s life.  You will receive a rebound boost from shifting the focus from yourself to a loved one.