Your Heart Has a Field That Touches Others



Did you know that your heart has an electromagnetic field that extends several feet out in front of your body?  It has a larger and stronger reach than our brain waves.  Your heart field can even be measured via ECG in another person touching or within about three feet of you.


This means our hearts are touching other hearts all day! 


After I learned this I walked around for about two days being highly conscious of my heart energy coming into contact with every person I passed on the street or had conversations with.  It felt really intimate and warm, like I had a special secret to share.  I would look at each person I saw and think “my heart energy is touching yours right now.”  Obviously this would be a really intense experiment to do on the regular but it was really cool to feel into it for a bit. 


This energetic loop is a really incredible guidance system when you think about it.  We are all walking around emitting these waves of electric heart energy.  This field is a broadcast system but also a feedback mechanism to collect information. 


If you’ve ever seen dogs meet and size each other up for the first time, you know how they sniff each other extensively.  This sizing up procedure is done to get a chemical biography of the other dog, which includes health and emotional state.  We do this same thing when we make eye contact, shake hands (palm to palm = heart channel to heart channel!) and feel each other’s heart fields. 


We receive a huge amount of information through this field that is beyond language or logic.  We experience this when someone tells us they are “fine” but we can feel that they are not.  We can experience this when we can feel someone’s attraction to us.  We can experience this when we feel unsafe in another’s presence. 


We can also influence and soothe others through our heart energy.  When you meet up with someone who is agitated, angry, sad or upset, your smooth peaceful heart energy can calm their field!  So amazing, right?


This is what’s happening energetically when you walk away from spending time with a friend and feel uplifted and like everything is right in the world.  This is the part of the healing that happens when you receive hands on healing or wise guidance.  This is the energetic exchange of heart between you and another. 


Your heart isn’t just something that keeps you alive.  It’s your wisest advisor, your chief counsel and communications strategist.  It’s the sweetest kindest part of us.  The one that knows.  The one that heals.  The one that can create peace in the midst of derision or pain. 


If it doesn’t feel totally bizarre or unsafe, try out being conscious of connecting with other’s heart energy today.  As you come into another person’s field as you pass on the street or hug or at a checkout counter, be aware of those two energies meeting.  See how you feel and what you are putting out.  Connect.  Enjoy.