The push and pull of the Universe’s rhythm

A couple of weeks ago, I had a business meeting at the park with a new friend who I hope to know for years to come.  She is a vibrant woman with a big smile and a large laugh.  We talked shop on a blanket in the glorious sunshine as we planned our collaboration for a Breathwork & Restorative Yoga event. 


We lost track of time as the sun warmed us and the excitement of the ease of the relationship felt mutual and true.  When I got home, I had received two text messages about two different deaths.  One was my friend’s sweet cat-who I connected to on a different level as the only animal I had ever done acupuncture and Reiki with.  One was an old friend of my mom’s who had died in a fire-a quirky passionate activist who taught me how to swallow impossibly large vitamins at a very young age. 


In the days to come, a dear person who has become our family learned that his cancer hadn’t quite been eradicated by surgery.  A beautiful baby boy with incredible hands and the kind of cheeks you want to bite was born.  Nepal.  Baltimore.  Someone I love decided they were ready to begin the search for their birth mother.


Birthing/awakening/beginning/seeding/sprouting/reaching/growing/extending.  Dying/closing/ending/folding/contracting/pulling back/going within/letting go.  The cycle of our lives plays on. 


With each event, there was a gush.  A deluge of compassion or joy, empathy or excitement, density or lightness.  This is how Now feels to me.  The push and pull of the Universe’s rhythm. 


These kind of events often feel like they come all together.  We sigh and fret and protest.  We rejoice and celebrate and marvel. 


My new lens on the world (from my mind blowing coach!) that I keep sharing with anyone who will listen is that life is happening for you and through you.  Not TO you.  Not as in, why does all this sh*t always happen to me? 


This even applies to the bad stuff!!  All of it.  Nothing is left out.  It’s all another chance for us to build our resilience muscle, practice love, find compassion and patience, FEEL, process, witness, act, remember and grow.  We get to choose a lens on how we frame our experience and ultimately allow it to serve us or decimate us.  Or somewhere in between. 


We don’t get to choose all of the things.  We do get to choose the way we interpret them.  We get to choose how honest we will be and how much we will reveal about ourselves.  We get to choose how clean we keep our side of the street and how responsible we will be for our emotions and actions.  We get to choose whether or not we live in a benevolent Universe or one that is every person for themselves.  We get to choose if we are committed to being awake or content with being asleep.  We get to choose how much life we allow ourselves to live with the unknown amount of time that we have. 


I recently read about a type of tree in New Mexico that only sheds its leaves when the new growth pushes out the old.  The energy of now isn’t ‘change or die’ energy.  It’s a diligent, consistent surrender to what is.  Staying awake to your life.  Not being caught in disempowering mindsets.  This is your life.  Fill it with some good and gentle today.