Your Heart IS Your Mind



There is a pretty disturbing trend in our world right now.  I’m sure you’ve seen the articles about the glorification of being busy.  I’ve blogged about it here and there.  I read another article on Huff Post about it this morning and this very sobering sentence jumped out at me.


“We are afraid of ourselves.”

~ Scott Dannemiller


We have so many tricks and clever ways of avoiding being with ourselves.  Technology + overscheduling is the modern day socially sanctioned numb out cocktail.  Virtual connection is taking precedent over actual connection.


The flip side of this is that I am hearing a strong call from the community to be able to access their personal wisdom.  There’s a lot of self-doubt, difficulty in making decisions, and feeling paralyzed with fear.  People want to let go of listening to others and be able to tune into their hearts and feel self-empowerment. 


The best way that I know to access your intuition and be able to act confidently is to listen to the wisdom of the body.  How do you do that? 


By getting still.  Physically still.  Mentally still.  Emotionally still. 


Put the phone down.  Turn everything off.  Be with yourself. 


You can actively meditate through Breathwork.  You can employ any one of dozens of meditation techniques.  But you must be still to be able to access the knowledge that is unique to you and meant for you. 


So why isn’t everyone jumping on this powerful tool and accessing the hell out of their intuition? 


We are afraid of what we might find when we get quiet. 


Who wants to feel pain?  Who wants to feel uncomfortable?  No one. 


We suffer when we avoid our own truth.  We avoid our own truth because if we recognized it, we might have to do something.  We might have to leave a job or a relationship.  We might have to have a very uncomfortable conversation.  We might have to move.  We might have to say No…or Yes! 


We might have to (gulp) change something in our lives. 


So we hold space for confusion and indecision that further blunts our instincts.  Our brain has lots of parts that attempt to keep us safe.  The reptilian part goes into overdrive when we want to try something new or out of our comfort zone.  It can really feel like going on a date or applying for a job is literally dangerous!  There are parts that want everything to make sense and be rational and logical…which life hardly is. 


In Chinese medicine, there is no difference between the Heart and the Mind.  They are one and the same.  The definition of the Heart is:

1.    Your disposition/your feelings

2.    Your confidence or trust in something or someone

3.    The center of all human cognition which means all mental processes including intuition


All organs bow down in service to the heart.  It is the emperor of the body.  It is the seat of your soul’s intelligence. 


It is where you find the answers if you can sit with yourself for a bit and listen. 


I’d like to offer you this simple exercise that you can try sometime today or this week.  Set a timer on your phone.  Just for a few minutes-two or three is fine.  Find comfortable place to sit or lie down.  Put your hands over your heart and breath.  Reassure yourself that you are safe.  Remind yourself that you are wise.  Keep breathing.  Connect to your Heart Emperor.  Visualize your gorgeous Heart on a throne.  See what happens and what you feel when you are still.  Label it and let it go.  Irritation.  Frustration.  Restlessness.  Keep breathing.  Feel your heartbeat and revel in its capacity to be steady.  Ask it a question if you wish.