While You Were Sleeping...

Something big happened in the sky last night while you were sleeping. 


The seventh and last Uranus Pluto square completed, ending an almost three year cycle of personal revolution and evolution.  If you feel just the same as you did when you went to bed last night, no big deal.  This was not an overnight shift.  This was a slow moving, multi-stage situation.   


Seven points of contact were made with each of your energy centers, representing different areas of growth.  Seven is the number of learning.  We moved through seven clearings, seven chakra re-balancing’s, and seven portals of transformation.


When I backtracked across these dates, it was like BOOM:  That’s when I had that showdown with that person!  That’s when I changed my relationship patterns!  That’s when I discovered Breathwork and reconnected to a past life gift!  I could clearly see moments of growth and change that correlated to each of these different energy centers. 


Take a look at these dates and themes and see where you may have had significant moments where your world was rocked.  If you are an old hat at chakras, skip to the Crown chakra, as this is what’s happening NOW. 


If this wasn’t enough, we’ve got a New Moon/Super Moon eclipse this Friday combined with the Spring Equinox (aka the very first day of Spring!).  It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Imagine yourself as a seed that has been germinating underground in the dark for months.  This is the moment when the seed cracks open and breaks through the dark earth to see the sun for the first time.


It’s a time when your unconscious desires can be unearthed and brought to light.  This is rebirth energy.  It’s a time to stop and create a new vision for your life.  You get to choose what you want for this next piece.  Eclipses bring change.  Review and renew everything!  What does your heart desire most?


And most importantly, what can you be done with forever? 


ROOT June 6-July 9, 2012

What grounds you and helps you feel safe and secure, connected to getting your basic survival and emotional needs met, what is stable/not stable in your life, your physical body and the Earth, money, resources, water, air, your home, your nervous system


SACRAL September 18-October 1, 2012

Your relationships (family, friendship, anyone you relate to on a regular basis), your sexuality, creativity, fertility, what you want to birth into existence, your emotional body, pleasure


SOLAR PLEXUS May 15-June 1, 2013

Who you are, your core self, willpower, personal power, being able to move forward and make things happen in your life, your self esteem, confidence, making choices


HEART October 17-November 15, 2013

Joy, love, compassion, warmth, connection with other people, self love, kindness, radiance, generosity, feeling open, having enough to give


THROAT April 12-29, 2014

Speaking your truth, comfort with self-expression, authenticity, integrity, allowing others to be heard, being able to self-advocate, going beyond cultural conditioning


THIRD EYE November 26-December 27 2014

Your intuition, ability to “see” and understand, accessing your soul’s intellect and your inner guidance system, deeper universal truths, harmony


Last but not least- the CROWN! March 11-28, 2015

Connects you with Source energy, deep peace, knowing that supersedes logic, intrinsic connection to all beings and the Universe, feeling the sense that there is cosmic order to life, gratitude, transcendence, feeling guided


I would love to hear your insights about where you connected the dots with these timelines!  Leave a comment below to share with me!