Spring Clean Your Life

If you are feeling the urge to clean out your closets this week, you are right on schedule. 


If you are feeling the urge to clean out your whole self, you are also right on schedule.  


This is the time to purge it all.  Clear your home, your habits, and your thoughts. 


There is a woman in Japan who is Beyoncé level famous.  She has been called a “warrior princess in the war on clutter.”  The two questions she asks when choosing if something stays or goes are:


1.    Does it bring you joy?

2.    Is it useful?


You can think of clutter as a chipped mug, a recurring bad dream, a pair of jeans you haven’t worn for years, a stained towel, or a tendency to gossip.  A pair of too tight shoes or spending hours a day on social media.  A piece of furniture or a relationship that you tolerate but don’t like. 


Do these things make you happy or serve a purpose?  Ask yourself as you encounter what might need to be weeded out of your life. 


The only thing that we can truly count on in life is change.  Many things happen in life that are beyond our control.  The rest are informed by consciousness and choice. 


The difference between rain and snow is one degree.


The difference between the current you and the self-actualized you is permission. 


The difference between the life you have and the life you dream of is choice. 


You can’t make room for new energy if you are unwilling to let go of something. There is no transformation without change.  Many people have a fantasy life.  A “some day” life.  What are you willing to do differently now in order to create that reality for yourself? 


Can you change your morning or evening routine?  Will you have something different for dinner?  Can you eat more mindfully?  Can you be conscious of your speech?  Go without sugar for a day?  Smile at a stranger?  Be the happiest person you know?  Quit your job?  Go back to school?  Do it NOW? 


Does it bring you joy?  Is it useful?  If not, let it die.  There are great rewards for letting go of as much as you can before the Spring Equinox (aka first day of Spring) on 3/20.  Weed the garden of your life in order to burst forth in this new season of growth. 


I invite you to change one thing this week.  One little thing.  Take a new route to work.  Go to a dance class.  Book a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. 


I am an expert at looking at the skeletons in the closet, peeking under the carpet and weeding the metaphorical garden of the spirit.  If you need my help, I am here in my office or via Skype.  You can click the 'Click here to book an appointment now' button to schedule a session.