You Are The Only Authority On You

About a month ago my uncle Jay woke up very early to buy me a plastic toy shark.  I had confided to him the night before that I was insanely afraid of sharks and that fear was keeping me from going all out with my dream of surfing.  We were in Martha’s Vineyard for a wedding and he googled his big heart out to find a place where he could pick up this special talisman for me. 


He presented it to me with high ceremony the following morning.  Jay is a joker, the baby boy of seven siblings, a Republican, and a devout Catholic.  He was not the type of dude to find divine symbolism and life lessons in plastic animals…until he was.  He asked me to keep it with me always as a protector and a reminder to be fearless in my life. 


Fast forward to two weeks later in Peru.  I was staying at an ashram that had an absolutely delectable display case of all things magical-giant hunks of Palo Santo, sparkly minerals, incense, flower infused oils, indigenous instruments, jewels, etc.  I looked in that case every day and didn’t see the necklace that called to me until the day we left-even though it had been there all the time. 


It was a jaguar tooth with a round gem attached to it on a turquoise chain.  I didn’t even like it but I knew I had to have it.  I pulled it out of the case and just stared at it like, really?!  I’m the woman that wears animal tooth necklaces now??


I couldn’t not buy it.  The pull of the 100% yes was undeniable.  As we drove away from the home that had held us for four days, I held the tooth in my hand and asked it what it’s message was. 


I am still sorting out my voice from the voices of my guides but what I heard was:


“This is not for decoration.  This is for the bravery you will need for all of the changes that are coming into your life.”


So I’ve got a Shark and a Jaguar.  Check.  Check. 


I share this story with you because it’s a good time to be brave.  It’s a good time to connect with your rebel, your badass, and your desire.  It’s a good time to LIVE. 


I can only share what it coming up in my heart and how I feel the energy moving around me.  The words that keep popping into my consciousness are Inner Authority, Anti Guru and Personal Responsibility. 


There are always a lot of voices coming at you.  Clever memes on social media that simplify your next step into two sentences.  Friends who are over the moon about a teaching or a class that you have to take.  Healers, books, and videos that will Change Your Life. 


You are the boss.  Only you can know what you need.  Only you can know what lands with you.  Only you have the direct line to your wise heart. 


It doesn’t matter if all of your friends are big in love with a meditation style or a coach or a spiritual teacher.  What do you think?  What do you need? 


Trust and faith in your own process feels extremely important right now.  Each of us is on our own trip and we get to decide what is resonant with our journey and what just isn’t.  Since we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, there is no voice that is more valuable than yours.  There may be people that are embodied on Earth right now that have had more trips around the sun than you.  That doesn’t mean that they know what is best for you more than you do.  You are the ringleader of your own life. 


You are allowed to listen in.  You are allowed to defy convention.  You are allowed to get weirder. 


Taking responsibility for the direction, quality and flavor of your own life may be the bravest thing you ever do.  You may need a ferocious small plastic animal to carry in your pocket to remind you of this.  Tuck in and tap in to your deep needs. 


We are on the other side of a giant energy shift post eclipses and New Moon.  There is still some sorting out to do but we’ve got some really sweet fertile ground for making new choices and forging new paths.  I would love to see what you do with your creative, innovative spirit. 


What is the burning ember in your heart asking you for?  What do you want more than anything?  What can you do today to get a little closer to what would make your heart sing?